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Jun 18, 2010 01:40 PM

Best Sushi in Arlington

I just moved to the Court House area and am looking for a good sushi place. Any suggestions?

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  1. I think Asahi is the best sushi in Arlington and it's actually in courthouse. Sushi-zen is a close second...every other place in Arlington that I've tried has been pretty average.

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    1. re: littlew1ng

      Tachibana in McLean is the best sushi in the area IMO. The sashimi lunch special is incredible as well as the spicy scallop roll.

      1. re: RichardinDC

        Tachibana is the best sushi in NoVa. I agree completely with Rich on this. Very fresh, unique specials, large pieces, Japanese owned and very friendly.

        1. re: sekelmaan

          Make it three for Tachibana. There is no comparison with any other NoVa sushi joint. If you are wedded to Arlington, there is a place on Columbus Pike that offers cut-rate priced sushi on Monday nights (can't remember the name, has a branch in Bethesda, been there for years). But the drive to CPike from Courthouse is longer than that to McLean.

          1. re: wristband

            No no, it closed. I know you had Matuba in mind, but their Columbia Pike location closed at the beginning of June.

            1. re: perries

              Thanks! Yes, it was Matuba. There were on C. Pike for years.

              1. re: wristband

                It looks like Matuba turned into Maruko, keeping its menu, employees and prices, but changing owners. Don't know if it will affect the food at all:


      2. re: littlew1ng

        Second the recs for Sushi Zen and Tachibana (although not in Arlington pretty close).

      3. The Yamazato crew are formerly from Tachibana. This is probably the best sushi in Arlington proper.

        6303 Little River Tpke Ste 120, Alexandria, VA 22312

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        1. re: justaddwater

          ?? Arlington proper?? Isn't Yamazato in the Lincolnia/Alexandria area on Little River Turnpike?

          6303 Little River Tpke Ste 120, Alexandria, VA 22312

        2. Unfortunately, Arlington is not the best place for sushi in the area, although there are some pretty decent choices. Endo in Clarendon is pretty good sushi. Also Matuba, on Columbia pike, is good. I would choose both of these over Asahi, although they can all be hit or miss at times. There is a new place, Sushi Rock, opening across the street from the former Dremos that may have promise.

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          1. re: rappel75

            I have enjoyed Sushi Rock in the few times I have been there. They also have some unique meat and vegetable rolls that have some nice novelty. I once had the yellowfin that I thought was just ok but other than that, it is pretty decent. The bartenders are nice and they also have really good tater tots and wings.