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Jun 18, 2010 01:10 PM

Porto on Sunday

Drat. Turns out we'll be in Porto for just two nights - Saturday and Sunday. I plan to book something nice for Saturday night (Either Pedro Lemos or Foz Velhos). But now starting to think about Sunday and I'm hoping we haven't struck out entirely. Does anyone know if the port wine lodges or any of the more casual (but good) restaurants are open on Sunday for lunch and/or dinner? It will be pretty much our only whole day in Porto - Monday we head out to a quinta in the Douro Valley so will probably leave Porto around lunch time latest.

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  1. For the wine lodges see It lists all wine lodges, and gives you their opening time and contact info. Quite a few are open on Sundays.
    This is the website of the city of Porto, so it is full of other useful information.

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      Fantastic - great website. Thank you. Any idea about restaurants? Where's good to eat on a Sunday evening?

      1. re: Nyleve

        Sorry, have been looking for a listing without success... Cannot fin what's open and what's not. You will have to phone the restaurants or ask the concierge of your hotel. Alternatively, if you know where you want to go from CH, check the restaurant website directly for opening days.
        Sorry not t be able ot help more there.

        1. re: monchique

          Thanks monique. We've rented an apartment in Porto so won't have a concierge - but we can certainly ask around as we roam the city on Saturday. If we'll be doing some "fine dining" on Saturday evening, I think we'll be looking for good, simple fare on Sunday. We can be flexible.