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Jun 18, 2010 12:38 PM

What Are Your Favorite Outer Borough Foods/Drinks for Hot Weather?

Summer’s just about to hit, so I thought I’d survey Chowhounders to find out what your favorite foods and drinks are from Outer Boroughs places for the steamy days to come. I’m always looking for something new to cool me off when the heat knocks me down for the count.

To get the ball rolling, my current go-to hot weather things are:

The tilapia special at Wafa’s in Forest Hills – a cooked filet served at room temperature and covered with a tapenade of sorts that's made of ground walnuts, garlic, cilantro and lemon.

Also, Wafa’s simple, refreshing, cold home-made yogurt soup with chick peas, bulgur and mint flakes.

The lemon sorbet at Artisanal Creamery on Myrtle Avenue in Glendale.

That amazing purple fermented rice drink I had at the Indonesian Food Bazaar on 31st Avenue in Astoria a few weeks back. It was like a chilled sweet crazy wine with squeaky rice grains in it and seemed to almost fizz on my tongue. WOW! I’m heading back there for the next one in July if only for that alone!

At Organic Village on Cooper Avenue in Glendale everything is raw and made of vegetables, fruits, and seeds, so everything is cool but my current favorites are their Thai-inspired coconut “noodles,” their “burrito,” and their “cookies-and-cream” smoothie.

At Gimme Coffee in Williamsburg, there’s a drink (can’t remember exactly what it’s called) that is some sort of cold iced mocha thing that’s been whizzed in the blender. I could drink this all day.

What are your favorites?


Glendale is hungry…

100-05 Metropolitan Ave, Queens, NY 11375

Artisanal Creamery
66-40 Myrtle Ave, Queens, NY 11385

Organic Village
79-15 Cooper Ave, Queens, NY 11385

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  1. Glad to see you finally made it to Wafa's--was there tonight, and had a delicious plate of stuffed cabbage (with lamb and beef), rice with lentil, grape leaves, hummus, cheese pie, (she makes the cheese herself)--tabouleh--got more stuff to go, including homemade baklava--she had the Tilapia today, too...Asked Wafa to please consider setting up a juice bar and smoothie station for the summer, would go great with her food...

    I stopped drinking caffeine, but when I did, I used to love the
    Ralphachino--frp, Raph's ices--used to go to the one on Austin st, in Forest Hills all the time, but it's gone, so now I head to the one on Metropolitan Ave in Middle Village--and it's good there, too....

    Had the best Vanilla Milkshake of my life at Timmy's Frozen Custard in Corona on 104th Street--a definite hot weather favorite, as well as hitting up the Empanada cafe on 108th and VanDoren, and Tortilla Nixtamal, both good hot weather spots....Lemon Ice King also, nearby, but I head to Timmy's...

    Can't have Green Tea anymore unfortunately, but I used to find the Panera Iced Green Tea very refreshing in hot weather...believe it's got lots of sugar and additives, but it's very tasty--and inexpensive---

    Vegetarian sushi I like to have in hot weather, but I've got a real problem with sushi places that don't have air conditioning, or don't put it on yet on hot days,--I'm afraid to eat there, with stuff sitting around in too much heat--but I do like healthy and spicy in this weather....

    Like the cold apps at Spicy and Tasty in this weather, and love greek salad and mediterranean food in hot weather---and I would travel to the Bronx just for the most amazing artichoke pizza slice with cornmeal crust from Full Moon Pizzaria I had last week, made a post about slice was amazing....

    Love to make fresh mozzarella salad--in hot weather, and cold orzo salad---

    Also, heads up for Farmers Market I heard is starting on Metropolitan ave at 101-15 Metrop ave at 71st ave in Weichert Realty parking lot July 10th, on Saturdays from 8-4pm--hope they have some good vendors there, a real fresh farmers market would be fantastic for Forest Hills area....

    Have not had a chance to make it to the Organic place yet, but I did see when I was passing Atlas recently--it's really tucked off to the side, gotta make it there soon....

    100-05 Metropolitan Ave, Queens, NY 11375

    Panera Cafe
    340 Baychester Ave, Bronx, NY 10475

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      Hi janie,


      I have to check out Timmy O's. I keep hearing amazing things about it. (and the much-closer-to-Glendale Ralph's Ices sounds pretty cool too—no pun intended)

      Also, had no idea there was a farmers market opening on Metropolitan! That is really good news. Here's hoping for fresh, local stuff. Can't wait!

      Don't know if you drink decaf coffee but the item I mentioned in my original post...

      "At Gimme Coffee in Williamsburg, there’s a drink (can’t remember exactly what it’s called) that is some sort of cold iced mocha thing that’s been whizzed in the blender. I could drink this all day."

      ...was a decaf version (very atypical for me) and it was still fab.

      Thanks again for your suggestions and stay cool,


      Glendale is hungry...

      Timmy O's
      49-07 104th St, Queens, NY 11368

      1. My absolute favorite is cold tap water with a lemon wedge. Add some ice, and I'm good to go.