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Jun 18, 2010 11:15 AM

Anything new in Cambria dining?

Making our once a year trip up there in a few weeks. have reservations at Robin's one night and looking for another suggestion or two. I know Black Cat Bistro is well-loved here, but I found it just allright. I have also heard that Sow's Ear has declined recently, any truth to that?

Gotta stop at Linn's for some Ollalalberry Pie!


Sow's Ear
2248 Main St, Cambria, CA 93428

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  1. Have you tried Indigo Moon? Far and away our favorite lunch spot for cheese plates, awesome soups, creative sandwiches and salads. Also a reasonable and good wine list. I've never been for dinner but have heard mostly good things about the evening menu.

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      Have you been to the Sea Chest on Moonstone Drive? Very good seafood here, they don't take credit cards or reservations. :)

    2. It's July now, so you probably have been in Cambria already...I would love to hear reviews of where you ate...

      My opinions are:

      Robins - the food is consistent in quality and flavor (which can range from good to excellent), but there is less on the menu than there used to be, at least at dinner. Haven't been there for lunch lately, because our favorite lunch place is:

      Indigo Moon - absolutely the best soups, sandwiches, a burger I love, cooked anyway I want it, and if you are there on the right day, the best fish and chips in a 50 miles. They recently added a Sunday Brunch with live music, it was very cool, but their chef needs a lot of training on the most basic aspects of egg cookery.

      I have lived here coming on to 4 years and still have not been to the Black Cat...the reviews from friends are so up and down, every time we plan on the Black Cat we end up at Robin's.

      The Sow's Ear has heavy food...I was so looking forward to their chicken and dumplings, and it was chicken, heavy dumplings in GRAVY. Not what I am used to, nor did I enjoy it.

      Linn's food has been up and down...they have changed their menu, it seems like they are still working on it. If you enjoy their frozen pot pies, do not order one in the restaurant! They serve it as a slice, like any pie, and it loses the pot pie thing that is so wonderful.

      The Sea Chest - if you are a fan of oysters and clams they are superior. But, even when the fish is really good, they still have the same sides that are uninteresting and common, and way too much food... please somebody realize a little less food, for a little less money is a good thing (actually this applies to almost all of the restaurants mentioned)

      The Moonstone Bar and Grill - Used to be fun, not great, but they did have the best crab legs in town...they had butcher paper on the tables. with crayons, for kids and adults...they decided to do away with all that, made it more "upscale" (read expensive) we've been back only a few times, and it's mediocre, potatoes with meat, rice with fish, I am so bored with that!

      Madelines - lovely place, nice chef, often superior, other times not so much.

      Main Street Grill - Their salmon sandwich, I love it, it's probably farmed salmon, but it's so good. My granddaughter loves their tri-tip sandwich, the best part is they are the cheapest place to eat in Cambria, and always busy. On that note,

      JJ's Pizza Roundup is also a family favorite. Really good, fresh food.

      Our newest restaurant is The Dragon Bistro, if you live here and a new restaurant opens it is such a thrill! Unfortunately, the food has been mediocre at best and disgusting at worst.

      I try to keep in mind that Cambria is such a small town, and the economy has hit us hard. So many empty shops, these restaurateurs need to realize that their food needs to be consistently good, for the locals, because we keep them alive when all you guys are not here!

      Definites are Indigo Moon and Robin's. Love to hear any one's reviews.

      PS If you go to Indigo Moon , ask for DeDe or Sophia's station. Robin's ask for Matt (and, no I am not related to them, and every server at both restaurants are superior, but those 3 are my faves).

      Black Cat Bar & Cafe
      10056 Main St, Penngrove, CA

      Main Street Grill
      603 Main St, Cambria, CA 93428

      Sow's Ear
      2248 Main St, Cambria, CA 93428

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        Bless you, debs 20 for the useful reviews and excellent recommendations!

        Indigo Moon: We did a bunch of appetizers to give ourselves a "small plates" dinner our first night in Cambria. The waitress was kind of a drag — but not enough of a drawback to keep us from going back. We got there around 8pm and were surprised that around 8:30 people started to pour in. Everything we sampled was superb. Went back for Sunday brunch in their charming garden. Also, very good, with the setting being the biggest draw, only slightly second to the food.

        Went to Linn's for lunch to sample the Hearst burger. Very good, although not the best I've ever had. We also went to Easy as Pie (behind the main restaurant) for an early evening bite one night and found the chicken pot pie deletable and the side of mash potatoes worth the trip alone. Had apple pie for desert as they were out of the famous Ollalaberry Pie. What a drag!

        Went for drink to Moonstone Bar and Grill for a drink on the patio. It was undrinkable. Next time I'll get a beer so that I can watch the sunset from their patio with exquisite views of the ocean.

        Robin's also excellent. We didn't make reservations so ended up in the house, which I found claustrophobic, rather than their lovely patio. I had the tofu dish and found it exceptionally flavorful. I believe Opal basil or some such was the secret, but whatever it was, it gave the dish dimension.

        Madeline's had a very funny waiter (not funny, but a bit odd) but the food seemed prepared with much, much care and I would definitely go back again. Reservations are a must it seems.