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Jun 18, 2010 10:47 AM

where to find good breakfast, lunch near Hyatt Regency, Dearborn

We will be staying at the Hyatt Regency in Dearborn for a 3 day conference next month. Is there anywhere nearby for tasty inexpensive breakfast and lunch? I know the hotel has a restaurant.
We stayed there four years ago and are interested in other alternatives.


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  1. Sadly I have yet to find a decent breakfast on this side of town (I live just a bit west of the Hyatt). If you are willing to drive just a few extra miles you are better served.

    Le Petite Zinc near Downtown Detroit is a absolute gem that has yet to be discovered by too many. Hunt it down on Google Maps and you will see that it has 47 reviews and still is at 5 stars.

    It is in a slightly odd area but should not be missed. I believe it is a cash only place.

    Other second choices that all require travel are Fritatta in Clawson, Breakfast Club in Madison Heights or Farmington, or maybe a greasy spoon option (Duly's Place) in Southwest Detroit.

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      If you are in Dearbon, you are in the greatest area for middle-eastern food in the United States. La Pita, Al-Amir, Cedarland, are all great (just to name three). La Pita is really close to the Hyatt and has great lunch specials. If you feel like Mexican, my favorite taqueria, Senor Lopez is only a few miles east on Michigan. Senor Lopez is the only place I've been to that serves Pibil (the dish that Johnny Depp kills people over in Once Upon A Time In Mexico).
      A couple more miles east down Michigan and you will find Slow's, some of the best BBQ around.

      La Pita
      22681 Newman St, Dearborn, MI 48124

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        BTW I did order the Pibil there and one thing that bugged me is that their version has absolutely no heat. I have found all of the ingredients to do it on my own, except for the banana leafs. Of course I am talking about this recipe....


    2. Most coney islands (think greek diner) do fairly decent cheap breakfasts. There are several local chains with locations near the Hyatt. Leo's Coney Island has a place near Greenfield & Ford Rd; the Senate is (I think) at Greenfield & Rotunda, and Kerby's is in Fairlane Mall.

      Slightly more expensive but in an old historic hotel would be the breakfast (brunch on weekends) at the Dearborn Inn, on Oakwood S of Michigan Ave.

      Lunch - as other posters indicated, you've got a zillion good Middle Eastern choices without going very far. I'd also mention Miller's Bar, famous for their burgers, west on Michigan Ave between Outer Drive and Telegraph. And they serve lunch at the Henry Ford Estate, practically next door to your hotel, recommended more for the setting than the food.

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        Miller's is a good suggestion. It's a joint, not anything fancy, and the menu is pretty limited -- burgers, cheeseburgers, fries, union rings and an occasional special like a ham sandwich. But the burgers are amazing. It is cash only, just fyi.

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          Hmm, "union rings". Are those anything like "freedom fries"? ;)

      2. The Hyatt actually has a wonderful breakfast buffet. We go there for business breakfasts. Even though it's almost always empty, the food itself is delicious. Beyond that, I second checking out West Warren Avenue. For breakfast, you could go to one of the pastry palaces -- Shatila or New Jasmeen and see what strikes your fancy. Shatila has so many choices it would take you days to eat your way through them.

        For an inexpensive lunch, I highly recommend Al-Ameer, also on West Warren. There are lunch specials for well under $10, sandwiches for under $5 and fresh juices and salads. It's about a 15 minute ride from your hotel.

        1. M&M Cafe on east Michigan, near old city hall. Homemade, family run, great chow.

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            I am not sure if you have been there in the last few years but I would say they have gone downhill. Old favorite that is no longer...

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              How about Lile's? I forgot about it until M&M was mentioned, and haven't been down that way in quite a while but now have a hankering for a massive ham sandwich.

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                They are still good for a lunch...think they are cash only if you go here.

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                  Thanks for all the suggestions. I'm especially looking forward to the great Indian food in the area.

                  1. re: krisz

                    I have not been able to find any great indian food in the immediate Dearborn area, be sure to post if you do. The Middle Eastern restaurants are solid, but the Indian restaurants right around there have been below average in my opinion.