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Jun 18, 2010 10:17 AM

Morris Country Restaurants

Hi there! I've lived in Morristown for three months right now, and my meals have largely been centered around Sushi Lounde (around the corner - decent as best), and the Famished Frog (decent, once again, at best).

Last week I read an article for a Pan-Asian restaurant in Morristown, NJ (Ming II) that was in the New York Times. The place was absolutely fantastic!!! Here is the article:

You know the sad thing, I live about three minutes away from this restaurant, and I had no idea it existed. Seriously, they definitely need to put some money into marketing, but does anyone know of any other phenomenal restaurants in Morris Country. Some other hidden gems like this!

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  1. Origin and the Grand Cafe are among Morristown's best. On the other side of 287, Copeland at the Westin is probably the most creative restaurant in town.

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      Thanks for that! Any experience with the bar in the HQ plaza, SM23?

    2. I'd respond, but there's something about your screen name that makes me uneasy.

      1. I am an enormous fan of Pamir, the Afghan restaurant, right on South St. I find the food very well prepared and tasty. Prices are quite reasonable for Mo'town,too. I also like Andaman Sea, the Thai restaurant, across the street from the train station.

        1. Hunan in Morris Plains on Speedwell Ave almost to Hanover has some excellent Chinese food...
          Do you only want Morristown-proper, or do you want 'and environs'?