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Jun 18, 2010 10:00 AM

Where can I buy fish stock or broth?

I need some fish stock (or broth) and I'm too lazy/busy to make it myself. Are there any stores that sell it? I only ever see beef, chicken and vegetable broth. Prefer Rockville/Bethesda area, but willing to drive some. Thanks.

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  1. Check with Wagshals meat and fish market in Spring Valley (upper Mass avenue). They sell different stocks in quarts.

    1. Safeway carries Better Than Boullion concentrate; most carry beef and chicken, some carry fish stock.

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        I've also seen the Knorr brand of bouillon concentrate in Giants but it's usually kept with the ethnic foods, not in the soup aisle, where you'd expect it. Probably not what you wanted though....

      2. River Falls Seafood Market (River Road in Potomac) is a superb seafood market. I suggest you give them a phone call. If they don't routinely have fish stock available, they probably could prepare as much as you need with a little notice. Certainly, they have the heads and bones available in quantity and they do prepared foods.

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          Ironically, River Falls is where I buy almost all of the fish I cook and also where I usually source fish heads and bones for stock. They do not sell fish stock. I ended up getting my fish heads and bones from there and making the fish stock myself.

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            A much better product , I am sure. ( :

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              You really want to make a fish stock or fish fumet from scratch. It is not that big of a deal. I cannot tell you what a difference in taste (and texture) it will make.


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                I assume that you were responding to the original post?

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                  Yes, sorry, that my post referenced your's; not my intention.