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Jun 18, 2010 09:06 AM

Las Margaritas

2538 Welsh Road, Philly. Some work friends, who do not always have the same taste in restaurants as we do, went & liked it. DH is always on the look-out for better-than-just-passable Mexican food, and thinks it might be a good place to try for dinner on Father's Day.

I need to add that we will be going with our SIL. His dad has been in the US for over 30 years, but is in all other respects a "professional Mexican". The point is that SIL knows his Mexican food better than the average bear.

Any Chow-ish input would be greatly appreciated!


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  1. I personally haven't been there but my sister was there this week and she mentioned that it reminded her of a chain restaurant. Her exact comment was "a step above Taco Bell". Not firsthand knowledge from me, certainly, but take it for what it's worth. She did enjoy her meal but those were her comments.

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      Thanks. The friends who gave me the recommendation have fine taste in Italian restaurants, but other cuisines are somewhat out of their scope. "A step above Taco Bell" was what I was afraid of.

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        i agree with phillycarol, it's just a step above taco bell. in terms of menu items you will find also at TB.

        my husband ordered the "senior porky" (pork chops) and they were very good. my tacos were average at best.

      2. Is this the one right off the Blvd? I know they just opened a second location...

        Anyway, I agree with phillycarol's sister - definitely a step above TB. I went there for a going away party for my husband's coworker. They all raved to him about the food beforehand and they knew I was into food so they insisted I come. I drove an hour, while 7 months pregnant, to go and was SO disappointed. I hear they have good margaritas, which I couldn't have, but the food was so bland.

        1. Where do your husband and SIL like for Mexican in the city or around?

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            LM is one of our favorite everday restaurants. We really enjoy their chicken quesadillas, since their pulled chicken is good. Additionally on the lunch specials they have an item "Burrito Loco" which is the best value for the amount and quality of food.