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Jun 18, 2010 07:27 AM

Does anyone remember in MS - Country Squire Jr. Restaurant? Early '80's...

I have lived all over the south, and spent a few years (jr. high) in Tupelo, MS. I now live near Pittsburgh, and have such fond memories of Country Squire Jr.!

It was a little restaurant somewhere near Tupelo. We'd go once a week in the early '80's, and get their 'all you could eat fried catfish'. I've never had catfish like this since - it was the whole fish, fried, but before they fried it they cut and sectioned it in such a way that you just took your fork and lifted off piece by piece of succulent, perfectly corn meal-fried fish.

You cleaned one side of it, then flipped it over and did the same. I kid you not - when you were done with it, it looked like the fish skeleton in a cartoon that the cat pulls out of his mouth! lol And if that's not good enough, it came with a bowl of lemon pieces, and a plate of raw onions. O.M.G. Just thinking about it brings tears of joy! :)

Am I the only one that remembers this place? I *think* there was one in Utica, as well, but I'm not sure. If this place is still around, I'm seriously considering a road trip.

Country Squire Restaurants
459 County Road 172, Iuka, MS 38852

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  1. Librarian you have a good memory. I have a lot of friends that live in that area. They say Country Squire closed a looonnnnggg time ago maybe as long as 20/25 years ago but later reopened near Pontotoc, MS on the Lee County line near Pontotoc as Malone's Fish and Steakhouse. It was there all this time until it closed 6 months ago. I'm afraid you will miss it if you come back now. But you are not out of luck. There's a great fried catfish place near Oxford, MS called Taylor Grocery and then there's a nother southern country charm near Oxford called Yocona River Inn. Oxford has some outstanding restaurants as well. There's a place in Greenwood, MS that serves a broiled pompano cooked similar to your catfish description. If you make it back you should include Greenwood, Clarksdale, Greenville and Oxford on your agenda. Good luck to you. Let me know if you need some road trip help when you come back to MS. I'm glad you enjoyed your childhood in the great State of Mississippi.

    Yocona River Inn @ 842 Highway 334, Oxford, MS 662 - 234 - 2464.

    Taylor Grocery and Restaurant @ Old Taylor Rd., Taylor, MS. 662 - 236 - 1716.

    Taylor Grocery & Restaurant
    4-A County Rd 338, Oxford, MS 38655

    Yocona River Inn
    842 Highway 334, Oxford, MS 38655

    Country Squire Restaurants
    459 County Road 172, Iuka, MS 38852

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      Ah, thanks SO much for the info!!! I have to admit, I was getting more and more excited as I began reading your post, until I came to the part where the new place closed 6 months ago! Pooh. I'm really surprised that CSJr. closed that long ago - that was right around the time I moved to PA.

      Is that 'Country Squire' restaurant in Iuka the same as the one that was in Tupelo, I wonder?

      Oxford is sooo beautiful - I love that town! That would definitely be a stop on the tour. I'm dying to take my blues-guitarist hubby to Mississippi. I loved living there. I tell people I went to Elvis' grade school, and Joe Namath's high school. lol

      Thanks again for all of the info, and links - it is truly appreciated!!

      1. re: librarianjen

        The Country Squire in Iuka is indeed the same. It is alive and well and as delicious as ever! However, I believe it did actually close briefly last year or so and new owners took over and reduced the prices somewhat. But, thankfully the food is still just as good! Hope you make it back down "south" again as soon as you can. Happy Summer!

        Country Squire Restaurants
        459 County Road 172, Iuka, MS 38852

        1. re: tinabeth

          YAY! That's good to know - thanks so much for the info!!