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Jun 18, 2010 07:27 AM

Healthy Flourless Chocolate cake- moved from Site Talk board

If there is such a thing, please help.I have just been diagnosed w/ a problem and I have to give up sugar, butter, and can only use lite bits of olive or canola oil here and there.
I am going through choc. detox except for super dark which i will adjust to eventually.
I am a huge fan of flourless choc cake, but there's that butter and sugar issue standing in the way. If anyone out there knows an alternative, please do let me know.
Thx, bhensel57 Houston, TX

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  1. Two things you can look for recipes for are chocolate angel food cake and chocolate meringues, off the top of my head. Use liquid sucralose or xylitol for sweetening depending upon which you like and whether you need the bulking effect.

    1. Delia Smith has a nice chocolate cake- a bit squidgy- recipe that requires soaking prunes in armagnac, pureeing them with cocoa and egg yolk and beating in egg whites. When I've been more successfully dieting, I've tweaked it to remove some starch and don't need much sugar. Let me get back to you.

      Also, Nigella's chocolate clementine cake, I think, is based on a Claudia Rodin recipe for a passover cake so there is no flour just almonds. I'm pretty sure the sugar could be subbed w something else.

      (edit. I found this chocolate clementine cake here recipe on this board and am v. grateful)

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        The problem with prunes and clementines is that they're loaded with sugars.

      2. Wow, that's really tough. The sugar issue is simple. Like mcf said, you can get by with artificial sweetners.

        But the butter thing is a bit tough. Even with a flourless choclate cake, there's usually quite a bit of butter involved. Not sure how you would get around that. Recipes that take out the butter usu. sub in things like applesauce or pureed prunes, which won't work for you b/c of the sugar issue.

        Unfortunately, it looks like you're going to have give up on a "cake" and stick with things like angel food cake and/or meringues or crisps.

        Good luck.

        1. There must be vegan recipes out there for Chocolate cakes including flour less variates. I start my research there.

          1. here's a start... use sugar replacement (sometimes i use sugar free maple syrup) as well as skim milk or unsweetened almond milk if preferred.