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Dinner at Victory 44- drinks beforehand?

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Two questions- do you need reservations at 44 for a Friday night? And is there a good place to grab a drink beforehand that's sort of close?

Victory 44
2203 44th Ave N, Minneapolis, MN

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  1. We went to Victory 44 two Fridays ago -- we got there quite early (5:30?) so had no problem getting a table, but the place was absolutely packed by the time we left around 7:30. If they take reservations, I would make them. I can't make any recommendations for drinks beforehand, that's not my neck of the woods. Maybe you could go early, enjoy beer or wine on the nice little patio, and settle in...

    Victory 44
    2203 44th Ave N, Minneapolis, MN

    1. There is that Zombie bar up around there. Never been, don't know the area, but it was mentioned in the same breath in a North story I read this week.

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        Mmm, that sounds fun.
        Although somewhat sad to see Stand Up Franks go away.

      2. I second the rec for Donnie Dirk's Zombie Den. It's across 94, kinda divey, very kitschy, awesome drinks and very fun. But if you're looking for a classy prelude to your dinner, this isn't the place for you.

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          Nah, I'm always up for kitschy.

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            A very cheap friend of mine has been there and he seemed to enjoy it / think it was okay price wise, so I'd imagine it's a nice spot.

        2. If you can get them, you may want to. They have had a steady diet of good press, including a write up in MSP Mag this week.

          It sounds like you are decided on drinks, but for future readers, I would also recommend St. Petersburg Vodka bar in Robbinsdale. Outstanding vodka selection (including infused varieties) and usually a happy hour.

          1. Well, it was so nice last night that we took cfretty's advice and snagged an outdoor table at V44, forgoing the Zombie Bar.
            We had the tasting menu with wine pairings. Delicious. Everyone at the table loved it. My one small issue would be the wine pairings- they should either time them better or have a slightly more generous pour (which I would gladly pay for- at $15 for a 5 course pairing it's almost criminally underpriced).
            But what a lovely experience. I really appreciate how understated the service is. Afterwards Kevin, our server/chef, sat with us, answering food questions and basking in our praise. We all agreed we'd be back.
            They don't takevreservations- it's first come, first serve.

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              It's a sweet little patio, isn't it? We really enjoyed that place...we enjoyed our servers, too. Now we're interested to check out Kitchen (sister location in Stillwater)...
              RE: Dirks -- always mean to go there and forget...Leslie Bock (of Psycho Suzi's and Dirks) put in a bid for Gabby's...oh, poor man's paradise on the river?!? Heaven!