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Jun 18, 2010 07:04 AM

Looking for inexpensive catering / take-out in or near Bryn Mawr

My volunteer group has monthly meetings and rotates with who brings what for dinner. I'm slated to bring an entree next. I don't have time to cook something so I'm looking for not too expensive but good food in the Bryn Mawr area. I have to feed about 12-14 people. Any idea? I need an entree only - other people are bringing sides like salad, bread, etc.

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    I recommend Antonella's if Italian food works for your group. I've used them for personal stuff & my dh has used them for business events many times over the years. Excellent food, wide range of menu options/prices; professional, friendly and thorough service, and fully capable of handling special requests (like allergen-free food, which was necessary for an event). They can do catering or take-out.

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