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Jun 18, 2010 06:04 AM

What you get for $100

Let me begin by saying that I thoroughly enjoy eating well in Montreal and am happy that we have a great selection of restaurants to choose from.
Let me also tell you that one hundred dollars is not what it used to be.
We had 3 cocktails, and 3 appetizers....TOTAL.
the cocktails were good, and as i expect rather pricey for that part of the town. however, the appetizers were microscopic in portion size. now, i am not asking for american style portions, super sized, and spilling over the serving plate, but 2 slivers of chinook salmon no matter how smoked or how natural for 16 dollars isn't my idea of a good app. between that and the scallops which were admittedly quite good, and the third appetizer of carpaccio (lamb) that was also miniscule, we were very disappointed.
now, as far as the service goes. yes everyone was professional, but the service was SLOOOW. I'm not sure if it was because the chef was busy shaking hands with some of the patrons who felt it necessary to meet him, but during the busy hours, the chef should be in the trenches with his troops, ensuring that food is prepared well and in a timely manner.
as you can tell, we never made it to the main course because after an hour, the prospect of a main dish arriving at close to midnight was not appetizing.
so we left, and went to have thai food that was flavourful, and at much more reasonable price.
i do wish dna well, but consider yourself warned...have a big mac before going there!

355 Marguerite D'Youville, Montreal, QC H2Y 2C4, CA

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  1. The cocktails must have been VERY expensive!!!

    1. Just wanted to point out that its very easy to go to DNA for a full dinner for 50 dollars (without alcohol) and even less if you order pasta.... you shouldnt dismiss a restaurant because you chose to order a ridiculously priced cocktail. I would say that 50 dollars for dinner at a place like dna is completely reasonable.
      However,I do agree that the portion sizes arent huge so dont go there expecting to pig out like at APDC...And regarding the big mac-I dont think dna and mcdonalds are targeting the same

      1. Interesting: the last two times I ate at DNA the tabs came out to around $250 for two, but then again, $125 bottle of wine, and $20 supplements per person for a pasta dish full of matsutake.

        It could just be the way you're ordering.

        1. I went for the tasting menu with tasting wine menu at DNA a few years back with friends. I'm sure that is among the most expensive meals you can get in this city... at least it felt that way when I got the cheque! Must have been around $200 per person + tip? Don't know if they still offer it.

          1. I've been revisiting this thread.

            33$ per person for a cocktail, appetizer + taxes + service is NOT out of the ordinary.

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            1. re: Maximilien

              I am still reeling from Rib n Reef offering a Shrimp cocktail for $11.00 per shrimp depending on how many you order is what your bill will be...not only are the quality in restaurants different.

              Who would go to a place like DNA and not expect to pay at least $100.00 per person for an entire meal - app, main and dessert - for 1, including and if you're lucky; a cocktail.

              So I agree with Max; did you plan on stopping at apps? If so, was that the wisest place to go?

              1. re: blondee_47

                how are the wine prices? the web site doesn't mention them. are they fair priced? also how is friday jazz at DNA?

                1. re: kevin25

                  The wine is half price from 5 to 7 every night and bottles start at around 60 I believe.

                2. re: blondee_47

                  This week if you choose the most expensive starter, main, and dessert at DNA it comes to 61 dollars or 67 with tax- it isnt even close to the most expensive restaurant in town.... but it is definitely one of the best in my opinion.

                  1. re: kpaxonite

                    the price seems fine to me how about the live jazz worth listening to?