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Jun 17, 2010 09:53 PM

DiBiase and Hunt???

So FoodBuzzSD ( is reporting Amy DiBiase, formerly of Roseville, moved to the Glass Door and has apparently left in less time than it took for them to update their now defunct (apparently) website. She has now moved on to the old Casa de Bandini (new name) in Old Town??? What?

And Maria Hunt has moved to San Francisco? Not to be a critic I assume. Stranger things have happened.

Huh, glad I didn't go to the Glass Door this week, as I was planning.

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  1. Another source confirmed it to me this evening. Amy DiBiase was offered an offer she couldn't refuse over the weekend and has accepted the head toque position at the newly renovated Cosmopolitan Hotel (formerly Casa De Bandini) in old town.

    Casa De Bandini
    2660 Calhoun St, San Diego, CA 92110

    1. I wonder if that's why we were less than impressed with Roseville.

      1125 Rosecrans Steet, San Diego, CA 92106

      1. Sheila from Laurel has also moved over to the Cosmo....

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        1. re: binkychow

          I can certainly understand taking a better offer, but is she that good that these places are constantly trying to recruit her? Josh's comment seems to suggest otherwise, but he may be referring to Roseville post-DiBiase.

          1125 Rosecrans Steet, San Diego, CA 92106

          1. re: binkychow

            I thought Sheila was at that new wine warehouse by the airport and washington street?

            1. re: stevewag23

              Nope, left last month as did Billy.

              1. re: binkychow

                That was quick, I went to the grand opening, which I think was 2 months ago.

              2. re: stevewag23

                That's right Steve--this is (Chez) Sheila. Amy and I are both over at The Cosmo in Old Town serving up fabulous non-Mexican food while you sit around the firepit. Live flamenco tonight. Schwing on in.

            2. Interesting blog post/interview from my friend Caron Golden:


              1. Glass Door just can't catch a break.

                Its really too bad, the view is great. I treally think if they had great food, the place would be a smashing success.