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Jun 17, 2010 09:23 PM

July 2010 Cookbook of the Month VOTING (Through MONDAY 6/21)

Decision time! Consensus, such as it was, seemed in favor of a one-month selection, so we will be voting here for a book for July only.

In order for your vote to be counted, you MUST type your choice in ALL CAPITALS.

Please vote for ONE of the following (on hound, one vote!):



*ITALIAN EASY and ITALIAN TWO EASY, Rose Gray and Ruth Rogers


*ITALIAN EASY and ITALIAN TWO EASY, Rose Gray and Ruth Rogers AND
JAMIE'S ITALY, Jamie Oliver

Voting will be open through MONDAY, JUNE 21 at 9 PM, EDT

If anyone is interested in guaranteeing the continuation of COTM by taking over coordination as of either the September or October nomination cycle (each book cycle takes about 1-2 hours total), please let me know; email in my profile.

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  1. I'm very torn between options two and three because I really want to cook from a Jamie Oliver book, but I'm not convinced this is THE JO book I want to cook from (especially in light of oakjoan's comments at the end of the nominations thread). I fear voting for option 3 because I fear it might preclude cooking from JO in the future. But, if we're all open to cooking from another JO book in the near future, I'm on board with it.

    The Complete Asian Cookbook isn't in my library so, I'm not too keen on it.

    Oh, decisions, decisions.

    Caitlin, thank you again for your efforts.


    1. Door number 2 - *ITALIAN EASY and ITALIAN TOO EASY, Rose Gray and Ruth Rogers.

      Solomon's book sounds interesting. But there are only 2 copies in the entire library system. I know of at least one other HC hound in this area who is in my same library system.

      Option 3, as appealing it may be, isn't my vote because I think three books is too many for one month. The reports on the recipes get diluted and there isn't as much back and forth on the recipes themselves.

      Option 2, isn't ideal either since there are only 7 copies of Italian Easy and none of ITE in the library system. But, there is probably a better chance of other HC hounds owning this book so there will be enough copies for all of us. Hence, option 2 gets my vote.

      ETA: I just realized that I had the title of the second book wrong. It's Italian Two Easy and that's why a general title search didn't come up in the library system. There are 5 copies of that cookbook in the system and that's plenty to share.

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      1. re: beetlebug

        Thank you, beetlebug, for the correction on the title of Italian Two Easy! I requested an edit of my OP to reflect the correct title - whoops.

      2. Given that we've voted on one month (which pleases me - somehow I missed that we were supposed to vote on that part too), I also go for option 2: ITALIAN EASY and ITALIAN TOO EASY." Agree that this gives us another chance to do JO some other time, and maybe 2 books or something that others feel more strongly about.

        1. I'm casting my vote for option #2 - ITALIAN EASY and ITALIAN TWO EASY. I'm glad we're back to one month and I think these will make for a nice summery month of food. Like others, I would definitely support a Jamie Oliver month or The Complete Asian Cookbook in the future as well. Thanks, Caitlin, for once again wrangling us into some semblance of order!

          1. Love Charmaine Solomon's books. Every recipe of hers that I've tried has turned out well.