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Jun 17, 2010 08:51 PM

Authentic ethnic of ANY ethnicity except N.C. , IN N.C.

Hoo boy. My English teacher would not approve of my first post - not clear enough.

OK, I'm looking for authentic ethnic food IN N.C., specifically anywhere between and including Winston-Salem and Charlotte, but not looking for BBQ, liver pudding or any other authentic southern specialty. (altho I DO like such things, a lot.)

Authentic Mexican, Peruvian, Hungarian, Senegalese... but not North Carolinian.

Especially hoping to find places that haven't made their food "safe" for the average American eater - left out the offal, or the fermented fish, or half the spices - or "fused" it with something else just to be trendy.

Help me out, and if you ever come to Vermont I'll make you pancakes w/ maple syrup and fried Lebanon bologna on the side.

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  1. Charlotte has a lot of places...many of them are discussed here:

    Meskerem is a good Ethiopian restaurant in Charlotte as well.

    Here an older post for Winston-Salem that may help:

    Meskerem Restaurant
    601 S Kings Dr Ste P, Charlotte, NC 28204

    1. There are many Vietnamese places in Greensboro too. Have been to any of them lately so I can't make specific recs. There's a large Vietnamese population there.

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        There are also many excellent Vietnamese and Thai places in Charlotte which have been written about extensively on this board.

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          These are what I love in Greensboro:
          Van Loi on High Point Rd for good Vietnamese, as well as chinese bbq. Across the street is Banh Mi Saigon, a great Vietnamese Sandwich shop ($3 sandwiches and so delicious!).
          There's also a Filipino place called Purple Yam in the Fanta City food court on Market street. Only been there twice, but so far so good. In that shopping center there's also Rice Cake, a korean place that I've been dying to go to (but for some reason haven't).

          For more Korean there's Seoul Garden further down on market; pricey but authentic from what I've seen, and a Korean buffet behind Wendover...forgot what it's called but i'll look it up. The buffet has it's down moments, but you can also get BBQ and so far I haven't been disappointed.

          Seoul Garden
          5318 W Market St Ste C, Greensboro, NC 27409

        2. I'm veg, so leaving out the offal is probably going to make me happy. Also, second Meskerem - try the lunch buffet, if you're looking for cheap and don't mind eating vegetarian.

          That aside, for Mexican in CLT, try Tres Amigos (formerly La Casa de las Enchiladas). Best I've had so far, beats out the La Unica chain and Taqueria Mexico, by my tongue at least.

          There are several Salvadorian papusarias a little further east of the above-mentioned stop, El Pulgarcito being the big hit. Best as a lunch spot. Good luck, and if you find something mind-blowing, let us know!

          1. Kathmandu, a Himalayan restaurant, in Asheville if you ever make you way to the western part of the state.

            1. In Winston-Salem, Las Estrellas is generally considered the most authentic Mexican food, and I agree it's very good. It's located just off I-40 on Silas Creek Parkway.

              There's a great German restaurant in Yadkinville called, oddly enough, The German Restaurant. Yes, I said Yadkinville, of all places! :)

              In Clemmons, there's a tiny taqueria across the street from Lowe's Foods. Not much to the place--just a counter and a few small tables--but their food is great and very authentic. Their carnitas are the best I've had, and the tamales are out of this world. And for the adventurous you can even get brain or tongue tacos!

              Las Estrellas
              845 Silas Creek Pkwy, Winston Salem, NC 27127