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Jun 17, 2010 08:09 PM

Upscale Vegetarian near Copley

I am looking for an restaurant within walking distance of Copley where I can take a vegetarian client. The most obvious option is L'Espalier but I do not have the budget so I need to go a step down.

I believe Sel de la Terre and Sorrellina have only one vegetarian entree each. Douzo may have options but the online menu looks incomplete. Erbulace has great options but may be too far a walk.

I wish I could go to Craigie.

Any ideas would be appreciated.

774 Boylston St, Boston, MA 02199

131 Dartmouth St, Boston, MA 02116

Sel de la Terre
1245 Worcester Street, Natick, MA 01760

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  1. Is Hammersley's Bistro too far of a walk for your client? They offer a vegetarian prix fixe menu.

    1. Vlora for mediterranean food might do the trick.

      545 Boylston Street, Boston, MA 02116