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Jun 17, 2010 07:05 PM

Beer Garden in Philly

Can anyone point me to a beer garden in Philly? I had read in an article or on a post that Staven Starr was planning on opening one, but I haven't heard anything since.

If not a beer garden, how about a nice open air spot to enjoy a couple brews on a hot afternoon?

Thanks for your help.

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  1. There is a beer garden at Reading Terminal Market but it's indoors. I think you are looking like something they have at the Midtown Village Fall Festival?

    1. There are lots of places to drink outdoors but no real "biergarten" themed places that I know of. AFAIK the Steven Starr one in Fishtown is going to happen. Plenty of bars have nice outdoor seating arrangements and even more have questionable outdoor seating arrangements on the sidewalk. Where and what are you looking for?

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        Barry, thanks for the reply. I'm a beer geek, so I'm looking for a good craft brew lineup and a place when I can sit outside where there are some folks around. I like the opportunity to get into a random conversation. I'm from Delaware and head to Philly quite a bit because I can get a beer selection that Delaware doesn't have and I like getting to know new parts of the city.


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          In Northern Liberties you have a lot of options. The patio on the second floor of Standard Tap is a nice place to sample local-area brews (that is all they serve, draft-only). Other options are The Swift Half in the Piazza at Schmidt's, which has outdoor seating on the pedestrian mall, and Silk City, which has an enclosed outdoor space (they actually call it a beer garden). Both have good beer lists. El Camino Real has a decent beer list and seating on Liberties Walk, and North 3rd and Cantina Dos Segundos have sidewalk seating.

          In Center City, Varga Bar has a lot of sidewalk seating and a great, fast-rotating draft list (I think all American?) that they keep reasonably up to date on their website. Tria, the Spruce Street location, also has some nice sidewalk seating and good beers on tap. There must be other CC spots I can't think of, but Varga and Tria Stand out for the al fresco seating and good drafts.

          Passyunk Ave has some good beer spots with sidewalk seating, like Pub on Passyunk East, 1601, and Cantina (it's better for tequila and mezcal, actually). Nearby South Philly Tap Room has al fresco, too. These could be cool to check out if you haven't seen the neighborhood, but the combination of the crowds and South Philly street "ambiance" make these less desirable spots for visitors, I think.

          1. re: barryg

            you covered it really well, but i'll add a second for silk city and standard tap... awesome beer lists, good food, beautiful outdoor space! definitely easier to get a table at silk city's beer garden - it's huge. 5th & spring garden. easy parking too.

      2. Some places with good patios or decks:
        1) O'Neal's - 3rd between South and Bainbridge. Beautiful back patio. You won't find any obscure microbrews on their list, but occasionally they'll have something interesting along with usual lineup of Bud/Miller/Yards/Guiness
        2) M Restaurant - I have no idea whether they have beers on tap, but this really is an incredible outdoor space to drink in
        3) Noble supposedly has a great deck
        4) Standard Tap - I was unimpressed with the food and attitude of this place, but the tap list is good, and they have a good deck

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          I do not think M is open as a restaurant anymore. I do agree its a great space however! Doesn't Time (successor to Ludwig's) have an outdoor patio?

          1. re: cwdonald

            M is definitely open. Was just there the other day.

            1. re: cwdonald

              I don't think Time has a patio. They do have nice, big open windows on the wine bar side, and the beer list is very good. Only place I've seen the Yard's Thomas Jefferson Ale on tap, and they have it all the time.

          2. Outside of Philly, in Horsham: Otto's Brauhaus. They have a legit biergarten outside, and a vast selection of imported beers. It used to have a more bucolic feel, but general commercialization along that stretch of Easton Road (Rt. 611) has made it much less so. Recent reviews show that the German food may be just so-so. Still, it's a great place to sit outside with friends, and hoist a few.

            1. The new City Taphouse in University City has a nice outdoor patio with garden and they have a great selection of good beers, probably 45-60 of a variety of styles. The patio's about 30 feet above street level so you have a bit of a view as well.

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                I will second the City Taphouse in West Philly. Went there during beer week, they've got over 60 taps of really great beers. We experienced quite a few rare beers there (but it could be because it was during beer week). We sat outside by the fire pits and had a fantastic outdoor beer drinking experience!

                1. re: micreynolds

                  how about Brauhaus Schmitz – German bierhall & restaurant with 20 draft & 80 bottles at 718 South St.

                  1. re: Lewes

                    I love Brauhaus but they don't have any outside seating.

                  2. re: micreynolds

                    how's the food at city taphouse? i'm getting a group together for beers and dinner tonight, and we want somewhere outdoors. it's gorgeous out, and i'm starving.

                    1. re: rabidog

                      pretty good actually. some things are better than others. the pizza is good, the mac and cheese is not great. i liked the wings. i'm not remembering what else we had (between our group, we almost made it through their entire tap list). we didn't venture away from the appetizers, but everything was generally very solid.