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Jun 17, 2010 04:33 PM

El Granjero Grand Rapids

I happened on this place because of a rather random Google search for something not entirely about food, but after a little research, I sent my husband for takeout, and I have to say we were both impressed. The portions are big, the ingredients fresh and plentiful, the prices reasonable.

Has anyone else been here? I found one review from January, and they have a Facebook and MySpace page, but they don't seem to have been around too terribly long, and when asked, my husband said they don't have a website "yet" or a takeout menu "yet."

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  1. Any more to share? What'd you have? Where's it at?

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    1. re: Scott D

      >> Where's it at?

      According to their Myspace page at

      El Granjero Mexican Grill
      950 Bridge St NW
      Grand Rapids, MI
      (616) 458-5595

      1. re: Scott D

        Thanks for the address, nsxtasy. It's down on the corner of Lane and Bridge, I think, pretty close off the highway, in what appears to be a converted fast-food joint (Church's Chicken, maybe). I didn't go, but my husband said it was rather basic as far as decor.

        I got the "special" which is two a'la carte items plus rice and beans for around $6. In my case, it was a barbacoa hard taco and a steak tostada with avocado. My husband had the sampler platter, which was a lot more food than it originally seemed, since there were two quesadillas "hidden" under some bean nachos, taquitos and some other little bits. I had a bite of his quesadillas (one seafood and one chorizo).

        I was also talking last night to a friend who has been, and he said the alambre is really good, and it's one of the few places around town that I've seen that has elote (and lengua).

        I imagine there are probably some other good "authentic" Mexican places hidden around town (and sometimes I admit to being in the mood for a cheddar-slathered wet burrito), especially with the growing Hispanic population, but I've yet to find one as good or convenient. Maggie's Kitchen is usually the place that's mentioned when talking about downtown, but they're not open for lunch, and so we haven't been there in aeons.

        Oh, and they don't have a takeout menu "yet," but if you go to their Facebook page, they have pictures of their menu items along with prices, so you can suss it out that way.