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Jun 17, 2010 02:38 PM

Offal and other specialty meats in Kansas City

Does anyone have advice on where to find offal and other unusual meats in the Kansas City area (I'm willing to go pretty far outside the city)? I'm looking specifically for things like veal bones, veal tongue, sweetbreads, pigs feet, duck feet, cockscombs, rabbit saddle, etc. It seems like most "specialty" meat markets in KC just deal in things like wagyu beef or standard cuts of lamb. I'm working my way through the French Laundry Cookbook, and I'm quickly running out of recipes that i can find the ingredients for. Thanks a lot!


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  1. You can find a lot of offal at Bichlemeyer's on 7th and Cheyenne in KCK. I do recommend them alot here, but its because thiey're really good.

    Saturdays are really busy, but they have homemade tamales and tacos for sale.

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      Yep, Bichelmeyers' just over the bridge on 7th Street is the BEST source for offal and other ingredients known and loved in this household. I am pleased that I know many of his kids and grandkids....what a great family the Wetzel's are!! Bichelmeyer's, Wetzel's, can't go wrong with that name!!!

    2. Also Steve's Meats in DeSoto.

      1. In Johnson County -
        Pak Halal International Foods at 12259 W 87th Street Pkwy, Lenexa - they often have lamb's kidney, I buy frozen farm-raised rabbit here.

        888 International Mkt @ 119th & 69 hwy - fresh pig innard all-sorts, duck & chicken feet (boned and not boned) etc

        1. You may find some organs and unusual cuts at McGonigle's, too. I would call ahead, and ask if they're frozen or fresh. Many of the organs are in the freezer, IME.