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Jun 17, 2010 02:25 PM

looking for nice local spots to take family

Coming back to SD for a week, have not been in over 15 years and bringing the Fam down this time. staying at the Coronado Lowes. we will be hitting up seaworld, zoo and all of that good stuff but am looking for some good spots to take my family. we are 28 and 29 with a 18 month old son. looking for some good mexican, bbq, pizza...anything good is basically what i am looking for. coming down from seattle on July 8th. any recs would be greatly appreciated. we are not picky and lover to try new things. we have a car and would only like to travel more than 30 min.

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  1. Since you're coming down from Seattle you probably cannot do any better than to take the advice of your fellow Seattle CH'er extraordinaire Tom Armitage's advice on food highlights in San Diego. Though he has several posts on San Diego, this particular post immediately came to mind:

    You are actually in a good position to explore the Barrio areas of San Diego as well as Chula Vista from where you are, and if you don't hit traffic Kearny Mesa is open to you as well. And all of the Uptown areas, particularly the 30th St. corridor, will be within your travel radius, as well as the nearby but limited quality selections in and around Downtown.

    For the categories you specifically mentioned, here's some of what comes to mind within your driving radius:

    Super Cocina - City Heights - homestyle Mexican, Guisados
    Mariscos German - City Heights - fish Tacos and other seafood
    Tacos El Pasisa - Logan Heights - Tacos and Aquas Frescas
    Pizzeria Bruno Neapolitano - Hillcrest - certified Neapolitan pizzeria
    El Porvenir - Barrio Logan - Carnitas!
    Menuderia Don Vincente - National City & Chula Vista - Menudo!
    Aqui es Texcoco - Chula Vista - Barbacoa de Borrego

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      + Quatro Milpas - Barrio Logan - Chorizo con heuvo!

    2. Mama Testa (Hillcrest area) for after the zoo. Good tacos, good salsa bright and colorful, great for the family.

      If in the mood for pizza after the zoo Pizzeria Bruno Neapolitano is also right up the street and another good pick.

      Mama Testa
      1417 University Ave Ste A, San Diego, CA 92103

      1. We're fans of Burger Lounge, which is nothing too adventurous, but it's right there on Coronado and does a great grass-fed burger, fresh, high quality french fries, a good Caesar salad and a few other well-executed basics. Also, good beers and wines by the glass. Perfect place to bring the 18-month old. Comfy booths (but not many) and outdoor sidewalk seating. Small place so can be tough at peak hours.