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Jun 17, 2010 02:16 PM

[London] Gelupo

On the opposite side of Archer street to Bocca di Luppo is Gelupo, the restaurant's fledgling gelato outlet. When I dropped in this evening, it was only two hours old!

They had a range of gelati and granita classics, plus some interesting flavours like pine nut and fennel (good!), or ricotta and coffee. Gelato was smooth and flavoursome, and definitely worth a look.

They also appeared to have a few Italian groceries at the back of the store and some other non-gelato food, so perhaps others could report back on more of their offerings!

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  1. Compares well with the nearby new branch of Scoop where I had a very coffee-y tiramisu, big flavoured pistachio, brilliant amaretti (iirc; the one with the Italian biscuits) and a midnight-intense dark chocolate.

    At Gelupo, tasted:

    Pinenut with fennel -- nice sweet fennel flavour, quite balanced in and of itself, but pinenut was too subtle.

    Chestnut was outstanding -- a beautifully expressive nutty flavour, with all the light nuanced of the chestnut. Creamy with only a the faintest hint of powdery texture in the finish, as chestnut tends to do.

    Blackberry was intense and tangy, big on fruit.

    Coconut was creamy and interspersed pleasantly crisp strawy shreds of coconut, and full of coconut flavour.

    Cassata gave off the varied fruit of the Sicilian dessert.

    Pistachio was deep and nutty, but less intense in flavour than Scoop's.

    The gelati seemed a little lighter and more delicate in texture than the rich dense stiff rendition at Scoop; not that one was better than the other in this aspect, just different.

    Also saw cannoli and fruit filled with gelato in the freezer. Anyone tried?

    1. Had more at Gelupo:

      Rice gelato isn't common outside Italy, so was glad to get that. The rice grains in it were a bit too hard and while the flavour was good, I think it could be even better - and more like a rice pudding.

      Stracciatella was excellent, capturing the fine crunch of the little flakes of chocolate.

      Melon was light, summery and perhaps a hint too sweet; but still very expressive.

      1. we tried this yesterday having already been to scoop (which my boyfriend loves). most noticeable was how much smaller the gelupo scoops were for more cash! i also thought the granita was pricey at £4 a cup - i had the burnt almond and blood orange.

        i like the interesting flavours - avocado and honey sorbet stood out - and the fact that they do granita but am put off by the prices.

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        1. re: abby d

          Agree that they are overpriced - they're roughly in the same league as Scoop (and I think Scoop might be a hair better on average). Unless one is after a specific flavour or want granita which Scoop doesn't sell, it makes more sense to head to Scoop.

          1. re: limster

            I popped into Gelupo at the weekend and was actually surprised by how reasonably-priced it was! We paid £19 for 2x2 scoop cups, 2x1 scoop cups, 3 coffees, a tea, a biscotti and a slice of cake.

            The gianduja brownie gelato was heaven; the coconut sorbet would have benefited from being a gelato rather a sorbet, imo. I only noticed the ricotta stracciatella after I'd got my cup!

        2. Fantastic experience yesterday. Server eager to make sure we liked our choices, and gelato/granita themselves were on par with the best I've had. Pine nut etc. gelato perfectly balanced and creamy, sour cherry and blond almond granita worked beautifully.

          1. Tried it recently. Really good gelato but I think I'll stick with Scoop. It might just be personal preference, but I like the thicker creamier gelato at Scoop. Gelupo was flavorful but a bit airy for me.

            I tried most of the flavors limster mentioned. Like any good gelateria, they are more than happy to let you taste a bunch of flavors.

            I think my first epiphany with Scoop came about because I discovered them after having some of the consistently best gelato I have ever had when my wife and I visited Torino and the Piemonte region in Italy. The Scoop folks are from Piemonte but they are using British dairy which to my mind, is far superior to Italian dairy. So it can only be great, right? It was and is.

            On the subject of Piemonte, Gelupo also serves Bicerin. This is an interesting drink as it consists of Cream, Espresso and Chocolate. At Al Bicerin in Torino, the drink is served in layers of all three ingredients. At Carluccio's, the only place I have had this drink here in London, they serve you the three ingredients separately and let you mix them to your pleasure.

            Gelupo melts the chocolate for you, pours in a double shot of espresso and then tops it with whipped cream. This is a fantastic drink but more of a dessert than an afternoon espresso.