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Where to buy Pork Belly?

I'm making the Momofuku pork buns and need thick high quality pork belly. Anyone know where to get thick pork belly? The ones I bought at Ming's Supermarket didn't taste of good quality. The ones I bought at Savenors are good but a little thin.

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  1. This thread has some suggestions, although it looks like the thickness of the belly is discussed.


    1. Ebisuya has high quality Berkshire black pork (kurobuta) belly. Also, H-Mart has thicker slices.

      3 Old Concord Rd, Burlington, MA 01803

      1. Once I saw the recipe I had to try Moo Krwap (thai crispy pork belly)
        I had never cooked with it before but I went to H-Mart in Burlington and they had a good amount on the shelf, it seemed very fresh, and the Moo Krwap was delicious and so easy to make.

        3 Old Concord Rd, Burlington, MA 01803

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          I was at H Mart on Friday, purchased about 6 pounds of pork ribs, and was also impressed with the look of the pork belly. The ribs were excellent.

        2. They have very nice pork bellies at Market Basket in Chelsea. They are very thick and have 4 or 5 in each pack and they aren't expensive at all.

          1. I have seen, but never bought it at Kam Man (I think that was the name) in Quincy, when I was visiting my daughter. I was looking for some non-cryovaced shoulder at the time, so didn't purchase any. But it is a very active, vibrant market, with a busy butcher shop area and real butchers, so I assume the meats would get good turnover.

            1. I have purchased pork belly at the Casa de Carnes in Framingham (downtown Framingham, near 126 and 135, across the street from the late and lamented Fabric Center). House of Meat -- it's never let me down yet.

              1. I have seen it at Puritan Meats in Haymarket

                Blackstone St, Boston, MA

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                  I got some there recently that was good, but be careful - one had skin on and the other had the skin off, and I didn't pick that up on quick view. There's another place right near there just down from the cheese shop that also carries it, but I have't tried them.

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                    At Puritan Beef you are better to order it on a non-Haymarket day. They will have time to cut it exactly the way you like and can ask that they bring a piece out of the walk-in. Some of the precut pieces they put out on Saturdays are not that nice, but they are accomodating if you catch them when they aren't busy (also if you buy in Bulk, $50+, they offer 10% or so on a gift card for your next purchase). Even when I want to make a filling, I buy the skin on and trim the skin to fry at a later date something they might be willing to do for you too.

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                      Thanks! I think I went in during the week, and it wasn't busy. I always feel like I'm imposing if I ask for a fresh cut piece, if there are some already out.

                2. I've seen some at Whole Foods in the past week.

                  1. You can always find pork bellies at McKinnon's in Everett and Somerville too.

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                      Don't remember seeing pork belly at Davis Square Somerville Mckinnon's.

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                        The Somerville McKinnon's is a bit odd about carrying pork belly, basically they only stock it certain times of the year (in particular not during the summer) and often its pre-cut and frozen. Given their workers and a significant portion of the clientele is Central American I would think it would make sense to offer it, but that was what the owner told me. If they do have it in the walk-in they will get it for you, just inquire with the owner or at the door leading to where they process meat. DeMoula's almost always has it (bone in, cut into pieces), La Sultana too and in larger pieces, but may only have it seasoned for chicarron, and I believe Seabra often has it. At Casa de carnes they have it two forms "toicinho com bacon" or pork belly with meat or "toicinho branco" (just the skin & fat). The former you may be able to get in larger chunks, the latter is usually presliced and frozen.