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GOOD gluten-free hamburger buns. Any in Hollywood?

I love burgers for the summer; salmon, turkey, veggie, grilled portobello. I eat them mostly with brown rice, on top of kale or wrapped in lettuce. Sometimes you just gotta have a bun. But its gotta be gluten-free and frankly, what is available in stores is really lacking. And I am not going to turn the oven on. Thanks!

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  1. MAYBE at Locali at Franklin and Canyon Dr. Frozen, not fresh if they have them. It's sorta a Veggie mini market deli

    1. The Sensitive Baker in Culver City

      The Sensitive Baker
      Culver City, CA, Culver City, CA

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        Thanks I know about them. They are in Culver City, thats why I specifically stated Hollywood - but thanks anyway they are great, but a drive.

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          sorry... i knew you said hollywood, but that's the first place and closest that came to mind.

          you might try Ener-G brand at Whole Foods, or if you would consider ordering online, try The Grainless Baker http://www.thegrainlessbaker.com

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            Thanks - Ener-G, I've seen a lot of their products, no buns so far. If I do find I'll post and let you know! Thanks!

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              Haven't tried them, but Amazon sells Ener-g hot dog & hamburger buns in bulk. Amazon's gluten-free selection in general is pretty great. Good luck!


      2. i saw some the other day at the whole foods at third and fairfax in the frozen isle. i cannot attest to them but had just read this post so thought i'd share.

        1. I'll second the vote for The Sensitive Baker in L.A. — their buns are fantastic. Whole Foods also carries their own brand — The Gluten-Free Bakehouse, these are very good as well. Great flavor and texture.

          The Sensitive Baker
          Culver City, CA, Culver City, CA

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            Thanks all. So far at TJs, Whole Foods no buns. I might try the english muffins that I saw at WF, that seems to be the closest for an occasional bun hankering.

          2. You can get Ener-G hamburger buns at "Full O' Life" grocery store on Magnolia in Burbank. They are excellent toasted. They have wide selection of gluten free bread and rolls!

            1. I was at Sprouts Market in Thousand Oaks today and saw both GF hamburger buns and hot dog buns. - found under "specialty breads". The Culver City Sprouts opened this week. Check it out! They may have an opening discount...

              Sprouts Farmers Market
              5660 S Sepulveda Blvd, Culver City, CA 90230

              1. There's a big new gluten-free market on Magnolia Blvd. in Burbank ... probably worth a try:

                Pam MacD’s Gluten Free Market
                3516 Magnolia Boulevard
                Burbank, CA 91505
                (818) 935-5030 / (888) 664-5886