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Jun 17, 2010 11:31 AM

OM Restaurant in Parkdale

I've been eating takeout lunches from this newish little Tibetan-Indian spot in Parkdale, been enjoying them quite a bit, and realized I should share with the board. They are really sweet people running the place, it's spotless in there, and the kitchen puts out very good food, plus they have a tandoor so you can get proper naan and tandoori.

Every day they have a $5 tax-in takeout special from the steam table, usually beef or chicken curry on terrific basmati rice, with sides of palak paneer plus channa or daal or something like that. You walk in with a five dollar bill and walk out with a big pile of food, I usually have leftovers to take home for my toddler daughter to devour. I work around here, but if I lived in the area I would take advantage of their nice big back patio, and domestic beers only $3!

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  1. what do they have and how is the titbetan side of the menu, my so enjoys traditional tibetan but doesn't like most indian

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      I live very close and I keep meaning to check it out. I've heard very good things from local pals. Can anyone comment on good dishes to order for take-out?

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        I haven't had the Tibetan stuff, actually...not my favourite cuisine, I find it greasy and heavy. But given the value and quality of the Indian side of the menu, gotta think they do a good job with the Tibetan.

        BlogTO reviewed them recently.

      2. Where is it in Parkdale? I must go!

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          beside the td bank on queen west and jameson

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            Pretty much directly across the street from the Guardian Drugstore at Macdonell.

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              Thanks! Will check it out PRONTO.

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                Just finished our meal there. Overall, quite tasty. Fantastic service. Would recommend.

                The only negative if any would be about the chili chicken. I think it would be much better if it wasn't breaded/deep fried. The sauce just turned the breading a little mushy. A small negative in a very good meal. We'll be back. Especially for the $5 lunch special. What a deal. Rice, meat, veg and Salad for $5!

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                  Sounds so good. I'm right behind Sarah.

            2. great place. Quite tasty and excellent service

              I've had one sit-down meal there (pakoras, Lamb karahi and cashew ball) that was very good. Good naan.

              I've also tried the takeout special. It's not quite as good, but for the price I really can't complain. I would definitely get it again. So so so much better than that dump Taste of Tandooree.

              1. Had it for the first time today. The special was curry chicken, but he was very happy to give me a vegetarian special so it was rice, salad, and 2 curries for $5. He gave us a couple of poppadoms to snack on right away. We also got some veggie dumplings from the Tibetan menu ($5.99). The food was tasty, and had great flavour but wasn't very spicy which was perfect for me.

                They've got a projector and big screen so he put on the World Cup game to watch while we dined and hung out.

                I took a take-out menu and will definitely try them again.

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                  Any chance you could upload the menu here? Couldn't find it online.

                  1. re: tdh

                    I dined at Om about 6 weeks ago. Service was very welcoming and efficient. The owner was helpful with suggestions. We ordered beers, which arrived with hot, crunchy poppadums to munch, which are a great accompaniment to beer.

                    We asked for the baingan (eggplant) bharta to be made super spicy and the kitchen did not hold back. It was fiery and delicious, maybe the best incarnation of the dish I've had to date. The garlic naan was very garlicky, hot from the tandoor and very tasty. From the "Tibet Corner", we ordered the mok-thuk, which is beef momos in soup, plus an order of the steamed vegetable dumplings. The beef dumplings were fantastic, though the soup itself was heavy on the salt. With a little less salt, plus a hit of the chile paste/oil on the table, it would have been a killer dish. The only let-down was the vegetable dumplings. They were not especially flavourful and had a filling that looked suspiciously like smashed potatoes with frozen mixed vegetables inside (carrots, peas, corn, etc.). Next time, I'll either try the chicken dumplings or else stick to the beef.

                    Two appetizer items on the Tibetan side of the menu were intriguing: Tibetan style beef sausage with homemade hot sauce, and well done beef tripe sauteed with ginger, garlic, green onion and green chili. I'm not a tripe lover, but the description had me considering it. Maybe next time.

                    1. re: 1sweetpea

                      I went there about 2 weeks ago and the tripe appetizer was absolutely amazing. I'm not a huge tripe fan, but this was probably the best dish I had there. Everything was really good, and they made one of the best lamb rogan josh I've ever had. Great place!