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Jun 17, 2010 11:24 AM

Voltaggio leaving the Langham next month

Per an article in the Times and the Dining Room is closing for 2 months for renovations. Just a PSA for anyone who has been thinking about visiting and has been procrastinating

Will be very interesting to see who they get to replace him. Any guesses?

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  1. Talented chef, but Pasadena (and environs) is a bad fit for his talents.

    1. Hear the hotel occupancy is way down since the Langham name change, and restaurant patronage similarly so.
      Pasadena is just not that interested in high profile chef/operators.
      Tried and true places do well, aka Parkway, Arroyo Chop House, Houstons, and the likes of.

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      1. re: carter

        It's too bad as about 80% of the staff remained after the ownership change and the feedback from those I've talked to has been very positive. The Langham is spending a lot of money to refresh the hotel and has a real emphasis on service. It will be interesting to see what they do with the refurb of the restaurants.

      2. Interesting lack of unanimity on Voltaggio's intentions. A Pasadena publication has him looking forward to working in the new environment at the Langham, while the Times has him basically out of there.

        1. Too bad. That joint lost a great chef when Craig Strong left and now MVolt is leaving. I can understand why though. The Langham doesn't seem quite suited to his style.

          1. We were at a function there last night - the hotel looks great and the bar and ballrooms were hopping, but the restaurant was quiet . . . too quiet.