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The Boards Restaurant-Asbury

Anyone hear anything about Stella Marinas new restaurant the Boards in Asbury park?

Stella Marina Bar & Restaurant
1200 Ocean Ave, Asbury Park, NJ 07712

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  1. Per apboardwalk.com, they had friends and family this past weekend and were to be open to the public starting Monday, June 15. Other than that, I have no first hand experience with the place. To be honest, I a bit more interested in Aqua which opens this weekend.

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      Was thinking of Aqua this weekend also. Any idea of what the menu is like??

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        Tux - I know they have something posted in their windows but I've never had the chance to stop and look (always running by). Per the apboardwalk site, the food is described as follows: "Our menu features a Unique Mediterranean American fusion with a touch of Southwestern Flair. Our offerings will be Tapas/Sexy Small Plates with a strong focus on seafood."

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          "Ooooh, and today, we have a small plate special. It's a seared, sashimi grade, tuna 'mini burrito' wrapped in grape leaves and plated with a duo of hummus and red pepper puree . . . mmmm, super tasty and super sexy!" opined the young lady who was apparently to be our waitress. It was difficult to know for sure since she had taken our drink order some 15 minutes ago, but returned now empty handed to recite the specials without ever either looking at anyone in our party or taking her fingers from the myriad piercings that adorned her ears.

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            I remember a similar post for the Wine Loft in Long Branch. In the post the place was described as 'the sexiest space in Long Branch'. I've still yet to try it, and by the posting history on this board many others haven't as well.

            The Wine Loft
            32 Laird St, Long Branch, NJ 07740

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              i get nervous when restaurants use words like "sexy" to describe themselves... too self-conscious and maybe a too pompous... worry places like this are more concerned with image and "scene" than about the actual food on the plate... to me, it's a turn off, no matter how "sexy" it is!

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                I agree with aklein. Don't worry about being sexy, just give me good food.

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                  ...but apparently if it ain't sexy, it probably ain't gonna fly in AP or LB these days

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                    When I called, I was told outdoor dining was available...what I was not told was that the tables were in convention hall! Did not even look at menu..Went to Langosta Lounge and had a very enjoyable meal.

                    Langosta Lounge
                    1000 Ocean Ave, Asbury Park, NJ 07712

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          We went to "The Boards" in asbury park on Tuesday July, 6 and we did not care for it at all. We arrived at 8:15 pm and sat outside. The service was not good at all and neither was the food. This is a VERY casual place on the boardwalk with a fabulous view of the ocean, but it ends there. The waitstaff seems very new and confused, even the young man who was bringing the food out did not seem to know the table numbers, we had to flag him down twice and say "That's our food". We had apps, salads and entrees and were shocked when the server told us that they do not offer "bread", I would think if a restaurant is serving salads and entrees that they should at least offer a nice "Bread Basket" with some flavored oils to go with dinner. Also, candles on the tables would be a nice touch. The food was nothing to get excited about. The steamed clams were good, but the Mac and cheese app. was bland and overpriced for the portion they gave, again, it was very bland, no taste whatsoever. Caesar Salad was plain, barely a touch a dressing and the romaine still watery. Also, the salad did not have anchovies. The "Wedge" salad was plain with what my partner called a "Bottled blue cheese dressing". The Salmon was dry, overcooked and had a lot of bones !! My 21$$ pork chop was a bit dry, but had a nice topping of apples that were very tasty. We did not want to chance dessert. The Service was poor. We were seated next to the hostess station on the boardwalk and we heard several people complaining as they were leaving. The table behind us was so upset that they told the hostess, "SERVICE WAS AWFUL, TELL HER THAT'S WHY SHE GOT A 1$$ TIP". Nobody ever came by our table to ask if everything was alright with our food. Seems to me that with a new restaurant that the owner or manager would come around and thank you and see how everything is, that never happened. There were no thank you's , no goodbye, nothing. We do not feel the need to return to "The BOARDS".

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            Damn Frank, that is enough to stop me from going there. Stella is an amazing restaurant in it's own right, it's sad to see how their new venture is going along. I should hope that they come around and invest the money in better trained staff. Beause at the end of the day, Good food only goes so far. Great service is a top priority. It can make a not-so-great place seem better, and a good place great! Perception is a big deal in the restaurant business. I worked as a waiter at the Ruby Tuesday on Rt. 66 in Neptune/Tinton falls. Food alone= 5. Food+great service= 7.3 Service in the foundation of a great restaurant.

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              Yes Joe, we have never returned and do not intend to. Stella is OK, not great. Very noisy in stella and loud. WE have eaten there well over 20 times and the service has ranged from awful and pathetic to great. The menu is tiny and very limited and they do not honor requests.

        3. My partner and I stopped by yesterday to look at the menu. They serve a variety of foods....salads, soups, burgers, seafood, and the like. Lunch items averaged around $12, and they serve alcohol as well.

          Looks like a nice space and we will definitely try it sometime in the future.

          1. After a six mile walk today I gave The Boards a try for breakfast and was underwhelmed. A mushroom omelet was dry and rather tasteless with a side of fresh fruit OK but paltry. Coffee just OK as well and served tepid. For a total of $16.50 this was not a very good deal at all. The same meal at Avon Pavilion is delicious and about $6.00 cheaper in price.

            On the plus side service was excellent and the place is new and trendy and I expect will do well in the shadow of Stella Marina. Their lunch and dinner menu looks interesting and seems to be priced for value unlike their breakfast offerings. Further, a nice bar running parallel to the boardwalk will make for some very nice scenery while sipping your cocktails.

            Stella Marina Bar & Restaurant
            1200 Ocean Ave, Asbury Park, NJ 07712

            Avon Pavilion
            600 Ocean Ave, Avon by the Sea, NJ 07717

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              Had a quick bite today. I ordered the mozzarella balls and my husband ordered the fish and chips. The "chips" were overcooked shoestring french fries served with a malt vinegar dipping sauce. They looked like they were the very bottom of the barrel because most of the fries were tiny broken pieces. The fish was coated in a light beer batter and cooked well. The mozzarella balls were coated in a light bread crumb and fried. They came served with tomato sauce. They were very bland and unseasoned - a very forgettable version of a mozzarella stick. I also ordered seltzer while my husband ordered a beer. We were not offered water, and when my husband asked the waitress to bring some she only came back with 1 glass for him. Our bill came to $37. What a waste. You are clearly paying for the view of the beach and boardwalk because if you are looking for good food and service you will not find it here.

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                YOU are right BRUCEFANS !! Good Food and service is NOT found at "The BOARDS" ! The 2 of us spent 128$$ on dinner, what a waste is right !!

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                The Boards does not serve "Bread", even though we ordered apps, salads and entrees, when we asked for some "bread" the server said, "we do not have bread, just hamburger rolls". I said, "never mind". They should give a nice bread basket with entrees.

              3. My partner and I ate breakfast here this last Saturday. Nice interior and view of the ocean, staff is young and still working out the kinks.

                I had the brioche french toast with a side of bacon and my partner had an egg, hashbrowns and toast with ham.

                All was very good - my bacon came out about 15 minutes before my meal, but no biggie. Staff was very friendly and cordial.

                Check came to $40 with tip and beverages. We want to come back to try happy hour: 3:30 - 6:30, I believe 7 days a week, with $7 martini's.

                The also have a beef stroganoff on the menu, made with short ribs that my partner can't wait to try - we have heard it is very good!

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                      its a concession-style setup, works out nicely for both of them

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                        While I am a fan of the sushi prepared at Takara, I doubt I would purchase it premade at the Boards. If its anything like those sold at supermarkets, I've found the refrigeration takes a toll on the rice.

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                          my fault for lack of clarification, they have a sushi chef from takara right behind the bar, he brings product from takara and prepares it fresh at the boards. by concession i was trying to lazily describe the setup, in that the sushi bar is a separate entity, like a food stand in a mall. brings his own stuff, sets up, sushi's away, cleans up goes home. i suppose its easier than bringing a sushi chef on board at an otherwise un-sushi like spot.

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                            Thanks for the clarification. That makes a big difference.

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                              This is still not a reason to visit the boards. Service is awful. Food is not much better. Don't bother.

                    2. I thought I'd add this review I stumbled across. It's not particularly well-written and as you read it, you can almost hear the author explain to her editor "You know, like, I really kinda wanteda like iiiit . . ." At bottom, though, it certainly did not leave me wanting to try the place


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                        Having spent most of the day 'tightening up' the house after a tough work week, we decided to dine out Saturday nite. 90 minute wait at Stella Marina had us tilting back down the boards where I inquired about seating (w/o reservation) to the hostess on the boardwalk at this restaurant.

                        We secured space at the bar and had a pretty good evening. My wife with her traditional marghareta and I opted for a summer wheat beer. Place was busy, interior trendy, and I enjoyed having the ability to check how the local baseball teams were doing that nite (with sound off). Hearing Lyle Lovett as we sat down was neat, but after that, the noise level rose
                        wasn't that bad) and we proceeded with our evening..

                        As previously outlined, the sushi is a go to order and I suspect that the laminated menu sheet may have been just for the bar. I ordered the Cali, Spicy Tuna, and Yellowfin rolls and watched the 'sushi team' prepare my order. My bride ordered the Philly Cheese steak.

                        Sushi arrived very quickly and what one notices immediately at first bite is the overall freshness and clean tasting fish. It took a bit for the steak to come out and that's understandable as to the variance that both dishes require from a prep and finish standpoint.

                        Her Philly Cheesesteak sandwich was outstanding. Skirt or was it flank steak, shredded with carmelized onions and mushrooms on a nice ciabatta roll. For $12.95 it may have been the best deal in the place.

                        With 4 drinks, 3 sushi rolls, the sandwich, and my wife and I playfully enjoying a dessert, in this case a Chocolate Egg Cream with Van Gogh chocolate vodka, it was a relaxing Saturday nite. While not cheap, the $85 tab w/tip was worth it as one only travels around the track in this life.

                        Relative to most diners loving, hating, or being neutral with new restaurants or old favorites in this economy, value and satisfaction is derived by knowing what to order. Every spot has their signature plates etc. Maybe it was just fortuitous luck on our part, but I think you know what I mean when knowing what may be 'best' out of any kitchen based on experience, reviews, or what ever the business/recipe model is.

                        Speaking of which, I just heard some really great things on the appy side at nearby Aqua.....anyone dine there? Went to the soft opening a month ago, and I wasn't really impressed with them, but as with anyplace, there's always a 'shakeout' period......

                        Stella Marina Bar & Restaurant
                        1200 Ocean Ave, Asbury Park, NJ 07712

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                          Aqua was offering two dollar drinks the other night. I was full from McCloone's, but am keeping it in mind to try.

                          1. re: MichelleM131

                            How was McCloone's? I've never eaten at any of his restaurants.

                            1. re: JustJake

                              I was never a fan of the Rum Runner, really, that's the only other one I've been to (despite living within 5 min of Pier Village). But I really like the Asbury Grille. I've had steak, shrimp, apps, burgers, drinks, and desserts there. It's not going to knock your socks off, a la Bay Ave Trat or Belford Bistro, but it's a good place to go sit and enjoy some regular food. They have these funnel cake fries that are served with a chocolate dip. Amazing. I really like it.

                              Belford Bistro
                              870 Main Street, Belford, NJ 07718

                              Pier Village
                              30 Laird St, Long Branch, NJ

                      2. The Boards....had breakfast there this morning. The service was slow and waiters/staff semed confused. My brioche french toast was served cold and without syrup. When I finally received the syrup it was watery and lacked any true flavor. I also ordered a side of sausage that never arrived. My mother received the wrong omlette and watched me and another friend eat our meals. I really asked for my side of sausage four times. The coffee was mediocre.When my sausage finally arrived, one side was badly burned and all links were shriveled up. They were also not hot. My friend wanted to buy me a bloody Mary for my birthday, but that cost 12$ and I politely declined. DO NOT EAT at this place. WAYYYYYY over priced.

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                          Why would anyone want to eat breakfast at the Boards??? You like spending $12-$15 for this?

                          Go to Franks for breakfast or are you folks from out of town?. It's been a go to for us locals for years. For me in the early part of the Reagan Administration.........jeeeeeeeesh.

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                            YES mary pr26, I agree with you !!!

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                              The Boards has closed their doors. There is the promise of a Cuban restaurant in the Spring, under new ownership. This one never got off the ground.

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                                  Must have been the lack of a free bread basket.

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                                    They didn't give out the bread, so they didn't bring in the bread.

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                                      Per Se should go out of business.

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                                    The Boards is supposed to reopen by the summer. The owners are the same as Stella Marina...

                                    Stella Marina Bar & Restaurant
                                    1200 Ocean Ave, Asbury Park, NJ 07712

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                                      went past it yesterday...it is now a cuban restaurant