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Jun 17, 2010 11:16 AM

Filipino Take-Out at the Golden Village Supermarket in Scarsdale

Had some time today, so I was eating my way through some ethnic markets and noticed that Golden Village had a pretty sizable selection of Filipino dishes in little take-out containers. I was wondering if anybody had tried it out. I was hoping to buying some, but the line at the check-out was ridiculous - a dozen customers with loads of stuff and one cranky woman yelling into a phone at the register....probably at the employee who didn't show up to work the other register.

In case you were wondering, here's what they had...courtesy of my digital camera.

Bistek ($6.99)
Ginisang Mongo ($3.99)
Adobong Pusit ($6.50)
Binagoongan ($5.50)
Kalderetang Kambing ($6.45)
Binagoongan ($5.50)
Pork Embotido ($7.50)
Chicken Embotido ($7.50)
Chicken Curry ($5.39)
Pork Asado ($5.39)
Bicol Express ($5.39)
Menudo ($5.39)
Pinakbet ($5.99)
Kalderetang Baka ($6.99)
Ginataang Mais ($3.50)
Ginataang Mongo ($3.50)
Sisig ($7.25)
Chicken Pochero ($5.85)
Fried Baby Milkfish ($7.95)
Suman Sa Lihiya ($2.99)

Golden Village
365 Central Park Ave Ste 6, Scarsdale, NY 10583

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  1. Sounds yummy...too bad Filipino food is best when freshly fried, dripping with grease!

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    1. re: RawTunaFan

      depends what food you're talking about- lumpia is only good fresh, but pretty much everything else is stewlike and tastes better as leftovers. speaking of which, how do they not have pork or chicken adobo??

      1. re: tinery

        I could have just missed the adobo - I'll have to look through my pictures. Thanks for the advice though. I'll go try it out at some point and hope I pick a few winners.