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Jun 17, 2010 10:42 AM

Need fam-friendly lunch reco near Boston this Sat

I'll be driving past Boston and would love some solid recommendations for tasty, inexpensive food at a family friendly place. Here's the route I'll be taking: Recommendations very welcome.


Pajama Cat

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  1. Based on your route, I was going to recommend Hodgie's in Amesbury for a burger and some great ice cream, but honestly, by the time you get there, you're only about a half-hour from Wells anyway... do you really want to stop at that point?

    The same could be said for almost anything "near Boston" (more like "near I-495"). If it were me, I'd stop for lunch somewhere between Hartford and Worcester and then keep going to get to Wells, and concentrate on the good restaurants in Wells and Ogunquit. (I recommend Clay Hill Farm for fine dining and Billy's Chowder House and Congdon's Doughnuts for casual).

    1. The "traditional" stop for many between NY and Boston (although you'll be well west of Boston) is Rein's Deli -

      I wouldn't call it terrific by any means, but decent - and often VERY crowded! (hour wait sometimes)

      Across the road and nearby, is Food and Books (or something like that) - food is less interesting, but certainly palatable - plus comfortable lowkey family friendly atmosphere -

      YOu might try searching New England archives here, for other suggestions...

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      1. re: fredid

        With Frank Pepe's now in Manchester CT (just north of Hartford), we have a new "traditional" stop between NY and Boston.

        Besides, Rein's "deli" doesn't have hard salami. Therefore, it cannot be a deli! :)

        1. re: fredid

          I was thinking of Rein's, but if they're coming from NYC, that probably doesn't hold a lot of appeal.

          There's a diner in Vernon at the same exit as Rein's... that might be worth trying. I think there are a couple more near the MA/CT border (near Food & Books) but I don't know exactly where.

          And of course, Friendly's and Cracker Barrel in Sturbridge! (ducking) (hey, they're family-friendly!)

          1. re: scratchie

            Town Line Diner in Rocky Hill is very good. Might get more info on this region in the Southern New England board.

            1. re: scratchie

              Their trip is over - but for future searchers - The diner at the same exit as Rein's is "meh"!