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Jun 17, 2010 09:43 AM

Fish in Ann Arbor

Does anyone have a recommendation as to where to get fish(market) in the Ann Arbor area? I've tried Monahans, which is great but I would really like a more affordable option.

-Edited it to market because it was ambiguous at first

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  1. Gandy Dancer is good, but not cheap.

    Gandy Dancer Restaurant
    401 Depot Street, Ann Arbor, MI 48104

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    1. re: Fibber McGee

      I think he means markets. The best middle ground I have found on the price-quality line is Hiller's.

      1. re: Jim M


        Hiller's is our go to market. For instance, we've purchased Chilean Sea Bass for about half the price at Hillers as to what it is at Plum Market (West Bloomfield for both stores) without a reduction in quality.

        1. re: Fibber McGee

          I'll agree with Hiller's. I go way out of my way to shop at the Hiller's at 14 and Haggerty, in part because they have good seafood at reasonable prices. There's a Hiller's in Arborland on Washtenaw, and my ex-boss who lives in A2 goes there for all of his shopping.

    2. fresh fish from a market, or a restaurant?

      1. While they are known for smoked fish...has you asked Tracklement's where the most affordable place in town is?

        1. hate to say it but some of the best fresh halibut 9.99 lb and wild coho salmon 9.99lb is at brighton costco

          1. Hiller's is okay, but smell it before you buy it. Prices are good, but quality's not always there. If you're going to freeze it when you get it home, ask them if they have it frozen in back, quite often they will.

            I buy from Arbor Farms. They are relatively clueless about fish, as most stores around here are, and you want to smell it before you buy it there too (they get deliveries on Tue and Fri) but they carry some fish that I really like that you can't find elsewhere, like skate wing, bluefish, dry pack scallops, and all at reasonable prices, like $5.99 for Lake Trout, $6.99 for bluefish, $9.99 for skate, or thereabouts.

            For good oysters, try Plum Market. They have those Japanese ones that are very good for $1 apiece. They also have soft shell crabs but I've yet to find them with a live one so I haven't bought any. They don't know how to keep them alive. The rest of their fish is way expensive and I've never tried any of it.