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Jun 17, 2010 09:40 AM


I want to buy fresh rhubarb in Manhattan. Who has it? Is it in season now?

Where can I buy boiled peanutslike they have in the South, in Manhattan?

Where can I eat a German Pancake ( the crepe-like egg pancake) in NYC?

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  1. Some greenmarket vendors still have rhubarb. I bought some at last Friday's greenmarket on W. 97th. I expect them to still have it this Friday (tomorrow). (one vendor had stalks, another vendor had stalks with fronds still on.)

    Can't help on the others. Good luck.

    1. It's getting very late for rhubarb. Check Lucy's Greenmarket Report to see if any of the Union Square farmers are still carrying it the day you want to visit.

      They're not exactly the same but you can get boiled peanuts throughout Chinatown.

      I am pretty sure I've seen Palatschinken with apricots at Cafe Sabarsky even though it doesn't appear to be on the menu now. They could probably make it off menu or you could go to Andre's Cafe or substitute Kaiserschmarrn if you don't mind chopped up pancakes.

      Cafe Sabarsky
      1048 5th Ave, New York, NY 10028

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        I didn't go to USQ today but Red Jacket orchards still had rhubarb this a.m. at the W97th St. market (and I believe they are usually at USQ too, maybe Saturdays). Checking Lucy's report is always a great idea.

        1. Here is an easy to find interface to search for specific things on NYC's Greenmarkets:

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            I've found that website of use in only a very limited way. For example, it's listing of the vendors at the W97th Street market is probably over six months out of date.