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Jun 17, 2010 09:28 AM

Liberty Bar San Antonio

Has anyone been to the new one yet? Any comments?
I went last Saturday at 4:30 and the bar wasn't open which I thought strange.

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  1. There' still getting everything into order. It's wonderful, I'll certainly miss the old location but can certainly get use to the new one. It's too bad the bar wasn't open for you, but I guess you could always head across the street to Casbeers if that happens again.

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    1. re: esoterroriffik

      They still have the same menu and bar stock. But the bar is on the second floor and the floors are higher than average. No serious drinker is going to want to stumble up and down 40 steps to drink.

      1. re: Thorkel

        I totally agree with Thorkel. The bar should have been on the lower floor, the kitchen seems to be upstairs so it would have made sense to have had that as a dining room. I wonder how the bar will do (I went the other day and hate the new arrangement).