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Jun 17, 2010 09:23 AM

Ethiopian Food in Dallas?

A few friends and I want to try Ethiopian food in Dallas. Does anyone have any recommendations? We looked at Queen of Sheeba, but it doesn't look very authentic. I mean, they also serve Italian food!

If you know of a good place we should try, please let us know. We're coming from Carrollton, but won't mind driving.


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  1. Queen of Sheeba serves authentic Ethiopian and boasts a regular Ethiopian clientele. The reason why they have an Italian menu, as many other Ethiopian restaurants do, is because Ethiopia is a former Italian colony. I've never been but if you are looking for something more laid back than Queen of Sheeba, try "Dallul."

    1. I've been to three Ethiopian restaurants, once each. In my opinion, Addis Abeba (at Beltline and 75) was by far the best. This food was exactly like the food I used to eat fairly regularly in the Baltimore/DC area, where Ethiopian restaurants were much more common. I found Queen of Sheeba good, but the food was less aggressively spiced than at Addis Abeba. In fact, of the ~10+ dishes we tried, I only recall one being hot, and generally they were less flavorful than I wanted... but still good. The one meal I had at Dallul was terrible - low quality, gristly meats and all four of the dishes we got were almost inedibly greasy.

      Dallul Restaurant
      2515 Inwood Rd, Dallas, TX 75235

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        Really? I thought the dishes at Queen of Sheeba were spicier, but not flavorful.
        We love Addis Abeba. It's behind 7-11--hard to see from the street.

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          I thought we discussed it after our dinner at QofS and you agreed... there was only one thing (an appetizer) that we ate that was even a little spicy. You've definitely been to both more often than I, so I'll defer to your observations - but I found Addis Abeba to be exactly like what I'm used to... spicy (but not overly) and flavorful.

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            I'd say they're pretty similar. Neither is all that much spicier than the other. I've had some moderately spicy stuff from QoS at the Addison fesivals. But nothing painfully hot.

      2. Thanks all for the info! Good to know about the Italian influence, I was making an incorrect assumption. I think we'll try both Queen of Sheeba and Addis Abeba in the near future.

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          I live near Love Field and there's a decent place there: Dallul at 2515 Inwood Rd, #117, Dallas, TX. The location is shabby with little to no atmosphere, but the food is quite good. And they also serve Italian ;)

          Dallul Restaurant
          2515 Inwood Rd, Dallas, TX 75235