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Jun 17, 2010 08:48 AM

Has something changed with canning lids?

This is sort of an odd question, but I've done a few batches of canning over the last few weeks and don't know if I'm inattentive or if things have changed. Using Ball-brand supplies in all cases. I recall from prior years that using the gold-colored lids, after processing when they cooled and sealed, the "snap" was noticeable -- even if I was in another room of the house, as long as there wasn't much ambient noise, I could hear it and even count to myself as each jar "set". This year I've been using the silver-colored lids, and even though a dozen or so jars so far have clearly sealed (I can feel it running my finger across the top, and I can take the screw ring off and shake the jar upside-down with no loss of seal) I haven't heard a single "snap." The last two batches I've even made a point of being nearby and listening -- although I'm not going to just sit in the kitchen next to the jars for a couple of hours. Is there something different with the lids? Has anybody else noticed this?

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  1. Now that you mention it...the stuff I put up last week was a combination of gold and silver caps. I remember the gold caps "popping" but not the silver ones. There must be a difference. Maybe if I am bored enough next week I'll call Ball and ask.

    1. Interesting--I have been canning for all of 10 days now, but today I used Ball jars with the silver lids. After I took them out of the water bath, I heard one slight pop on one of the jars but none on the other. I waited for about 6 or 7 minutes and nothing (previously, I'd heard the pop within a minute or two). They may have popped after I left the kitchen, but I certainly didn't hear anything. I will test the seal tomorrow night (after the 24-hour time period has passed).

      1. The Ball website plays it as a "styling" change to match the look in our modern kitchens.

        I've used the silver lids for a 7 pint batch of cherries. A couple snapped while others didn't. All the lids did set properly when I checked the next day.

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          they're supposed to mimmick the old zinc rings and one-piece lids that are so popular in the Pottery Barn-style home accessory design world these days...along with old-looking wire gym bins and oversize clocks. Form over function.

        2. For me it's always been a matter of chance if I heard the "ping" or not. I never rely on the auditory cue. I feel the lids and then try to pick up the jar & its contents solely by the lid with the ring removed. That's the best assurance of a full vacuum to me.

          Hope you solve the mystery of the difference between silver and gold lids. ;>

          1. 10 jars B&B pickles pinging away...Ball Silver....Can here them all the way in here!