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Jun 17, 2010 08:24 AM

B&B? Or somewhere else?

I'm trying to figure out an Italian restaurant to hit on our upcoming trip. I was thinking B&B, but am willing to listen to other options. I love pasta, risotto and gnocchi, and so generally to prefer to make my dinner off the traditional primi menu and avoid the cuts of meat and fish in secondi, for what that's worth. I usually like a glass of wine, but the wine list isn't a big factor for me. I'm looking for about $75pp but don't have a huge appetite so that would probably be a shared appetizer and two mains, maybe a shared dessert.

For point of reference, the other restaurants on our list are L'Atelier (our "splurge"), Bradley Ogden, Craftsteak, and American Fish.

Anybody have any strong feelings about Italian food in Vegas? :)

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  1. If your focus is on appetizers and pastas, B&B really does go to the head of the list for creativity and quality, especially at this time of year, when so many fresh ingredients are available (they turn their menu over much more often than their Strip counterparts). But also worth a look for your particular focus would be Valentino, just a two minute stroll from B&B, with excellent pastas and creative appetizers. It could come down to looking at the particular specials that each has on a given night, and letting that be the deciding factor.

    Also worthy of consideration on the appetizer/pasta fronts would be either of the Maccioni properties, Circo at the Bellagio or Sirio at Aria, and Nove at the Palms.

    1. Had a birthday dinner there 2 years ago and it was a very memorable meal. We created our own tasting menu as we didn't like their suggestions. Great service and the rack of lamb was the finest I've ever had. We both thought the food was fantastic. Don't think you can go wrong with B&B. Was fully booked so I could only get a 5:15 reservation and we didn't get out of there until 11:30!

      1. Thanks for the advice - we're still thinking about it (now considering maybe Bartolotta) but I'll be sure to come back with my thoughts no matter where we end up, as I know how much I've appreciated everybody else's reviews as I try to make decisions.

        1. B&B is the finest Italian restaurant in Las Vegas.

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            If B&B is the best in Vegas there is opportunity for someone. My wife and I (who have been to Babbo & a couple of other Batali/Bastianich) restaurants and B&B really felt forced. The staff was o.k. Now we were seated in the "wine room" in a very cramped table and were constantly shifting around b/c they were grabbing wines stored around us. Very uncomfortable and that table really shouldn't be there; except for the clear intent to turn as any possible tables as possible.

            Its another famous, TV chef's place in a casino in Vegas. The food will be good, expensive but you'll know you are in Vegas.

          2. We ended up going to Bartolotta because when all was said and done, their menu just appealed to us more. It was a great meal, so we were happy, but I'd definitely go to B&B in the future to compare!

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              We have reservations for Bartalotta in August. I'm really looking forward to this meal. It's good to hear you had a great time.