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Jun 17, 2010 07:35 AM

best place for summer fruits/peaches in London?

I want to make a really good peach cobbler, and also I'm always on the hunt for a really good greengrocer - so can you tell me where you get your amazing fruit?

I'm in SW london. THe best places I know are the lebanese shops in Kensington, you can get superb doughnut peaches there at the right time of year, plus amazing cherries.... But it's a bit of a pain for me to get there with my little one. Also, doughnut peaches are so good that they shouldn't be cooked no?

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  1. I saw the most amazing flat peaches yesterday in New Covent Garden Market (depends where you are in SW London but NCGM is in Vauxhall, free to walk in, £4 car). Almost bought a whole tray of them. That is where many of the greengrocers go to get their food. Can't remember how much they were but my 2 kg of giant cherries were £6

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      cheers Daisy. Can I go in on foot? I don't drive and have a little girl. Easy for me to go to NCGM but have just never done it before!

      and is there usually a minimum spend? Do you just pay by cash?

      Anything else I should know before I go? Really hope to find some nice spanish peaches... mmmm

      1. re: kookiegoddess

        Yes you can go on foot, and then you get in free. There is no minimum spend but as it is a wholesale market you get things in boxes, so if you are on foot, probably best to bring some big canvas bags or something so you can empty the fruit into them. Some things were also being sold individually ie English strawbs for £1 a punnet. I paid cash - you get a receipt from the guy selling you the fruit, and each shop has a little booth where you go and pay. They should take cards if people are buying up such big orders ( but not 100% sure). There are specialised Italian and Spanish fruit stalls so you'll find loads of stuff.

        You go inside the main fruit and veg building, and it is an alleyway inside (Buyer's Walk), ask someone as it's a huge place.

        Although it is advertised as being open till 11am on the website, the traders told me they pack up at 9am. I got there at 7am, then went and had a cheap as chips breakfast in one of the caffs.

        Have fun!

        1. re: daisyK

          great this sounds fab, looking forward to a visit!

          thanks for all the tips