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Jun 17, 2010 07:28 AM

Ethnic eats in Madrid

My husband and I will be in Madrid for a week. I travel there often for work, so I'm pretty accustomed to typical Spanish food already. As much as I love all the jamon, seafood, and salt, I often grow bored eating the same flavor profiles day after day. I'm looking for some recommendations for other ethnic food (middle eastern, italian, asian, etc) that are tasty and not too pricey. We are not picky eaters and are open to suggestions....Thanks!

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  1. ASIA & LATIN AMERICA FUSION: "Asiana Nextdoor" on Travesía de San Mateo 4. Metro: Tribunal
    CAMEROON, KENYA, GHANA: "Kimbubu" on Calle Colmenares 7. Metro: Chueca
    MOROCCO: "Mosaiq" on Calle Caracas 21. Metro: Alonso Martinez
    ARGENTINE MEAT: "El Rancho" on Calle Alberto Aguilera 17. Metro: Argüelles
    CUBA: "Zara" on Calle Infantas 5. Metro: Gran Via
    MEXICO: "Tepic" on Calle Pelayo 4. Metro: Chueca
    CHINA: "Zen Central" on Callejon de Puigcerda. Metro: Serrano
    JAPAN: "Miyama" on Paseo de la Castellana 45.
    THAI: "Oam Thong" on Calle Corazon de Maria 7. Metro: Cartagena
    ITALIA: "Anema e Core" on Calle Donados 2. Metro: Opera
    INDIA: "Indian Aroma" on Calle Ventura de la Vega 6. Metro: Sevilla

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      Not bad Juan! Can I add to that "El Rey de los Tallerines" on Calle San Bernadino? It's Thai, but the owners are from Singapor - they make the noodles there (it's quite a spectacle), and the prices are very reasonable - red and green thai curry as well as the noodle dishes.
      My favourite Moroccan restaurant is "El Alhambra" on Calle de Tribulete -it's near the Plaza de Lavapies. It is a bit off putting at first, as it's often filled with Moroccan gentleman and no one else (although at the weekend there is a more varied clientele). However, take the Moroccan patronage as a good sign, because they serve authentic, not gussied up, cheap Moroccan food - great tagines, couscous and soups. We love it (did I say how amazingly cheap it was?) Nice and clean too. Walk a bit further up this road, and there is a fabulous Moroccan sweet shop.
      Shout out for my Mexican friends' newly opened Lulu Taco Bar on Calle Luna 22 - great food, nice ambience.

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