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Jun 17, 2010 06:57 AM

Tasting at the Wright

trying to go there next Saturday, has anyone been there recently and tried their chef tasting? Looks like a pretty good value for 68.

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  1. I haven't tried their tasting but have been to the Wright a few times for lunch. The food is creative and amazingly good. Would be curious to hear about the tasting.

    1. Had tasting menu at Wright on Friday night. Standouts were the lobster, the cauliflower soup, and serrano ham amuse bouche. The sirloin, squab, and shrimp amuse bouche were disappointing. Everything else was very good. The food is creative and interesting. The decor is striking (though personally I could do without the colorful lines running around the top of the walls).

      The service was very caring but unpolished. They recognized my friend from a prior visit and greeted him by name and discussed his prior choices with him, very gracious. But then didn't bring his wine pairings until well after each course arrived (one glass came after the course was completed, but they apologized and gave him some cava later in the meal in compensation and comped the desserts and something else). Each bread delivery involved reach across my face even though I was on the outside seat and there was ample room.

      Having said all that, it's great to have an innovative restaurant in NYC. I really hope that they get the food to be more consistent and polish the service. They seem to really care, and the manager seemed appreciative of our feedback. If they follow through, this place could go from uneven to really great.

      In the mean time, it's still worth a try, as long as you manage your expectations. It's not Corton or Dovetail, but might be on it's way.

      Here's a nice review:

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        Thanks for the report. The great thing about The Wright is their willingness to innovate, which is a rare thing in the Upper East Side. The seared, lightly smoked salmon served with diced apples and vanilla oil was just superb and a really unusual preparation. The roast suckling pig, signature Wright salad, and mango mousse were also very good.