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Jun 17, 2010 06:33 AM

Chowish near UBC

Boston Chowhound here. Four of us will be staying on the UBC campus for a few days and searching for good food nearby? I searched the board and spotted a falafel place but not much else. Any suggestions from locals? Also, we will be staying at Green College which has a meal plan. Am I right in thinking that campus food should only be consumed in an emergency. Finally we will have a couple of Koreans with us. Any good Korean in town should they need a kimchi fix? Thanks. Happy to report back and offer similar help for Boston should you be coming out east.

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  1. I would at least take the bus to either Kerrisdale or Kitsilano area. Lots of options along West 4th Ave, West Broadway, and some along 41st Ave in Kerrisdale. Not sure about decent food on campus though. Well Tea (taiwanese bubble tea type place) seems to be really popular.

    I don't know about any korean places on that side of town, but I would recommend Zakkushi on West 4th. It's a japanese tapas/yakitori place that's really enjoyable if you go in a group. In Kerrisdale, there's Ajisai which has excellent sushi and Golden Ocean which has good dim sum.

    Hope you enjoy your stay! Summer should be coming any day now! ;)

    Golden Ocean Seafood Restaurant
    2046 W 41st, Vancouver, BC V6M1Y8, CA

    Ajisai HD Ltd
    2081 42nd Ave W, Vancouver, BC V6M2B4, CA

    1833 W 4th Ave, Vancouver, BC V6J, CA

    1. Like flowbee suggested - take transit down to W4th in Kits where there are a number of good places.

      For Korean - take the bus all the way downtown to Robson street where there are a number of Korean joints (eg Norboo, Sura, Ap Gu Jong, amongst others. At the top end of Robson is H-Mart - the Korean grocery store chain. It has a decent foodcourt).

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        Thanks for the recs. I should say that we will have a car so we are not so limited but it would be nice to have something close by. Planning on getting to Rangoli and Go Fish, Fuel(or Refuel) and perhaps a place or two in Richmond and Punjabi market area based on board feedback.

      2. I haven't eaten at these restaurants myself but my foodie in-laws live at UBC and recommend the following:

        The UBC Golf Course Club House for a nice lunch
        Pair Bistro on West 10th
        Provence Mediterrean on West 10th

        Golf Course
        523 9th Ave W, Prince Rupert, BC V8J2S9, CA

        1. As far as I know, one should indeed stay away from campus food, but I'd be happy to be proven wrong, so do tell. I think Green College was going to improve their food scene but I'm not sure it worked out... I would suggest not eating at the University Golf Course, but it is a pleasant place for a beer on a sunny day.
          Just off campus, on 10th you can have a pricey but good meal at Provence. Both Mix and Pane e Formaggio have good bread and sandwich things. Some people swear by Burgoo, but i haven't been that often. En (on 10th) has fabulous Japanese food, also not cheap. I don't mind the Vietnamese noodles at Gold Train, cheap, cheap, but I think I stand alone. Certainly there are better in the city if its a "quest" item for you. The closest Korean I can think of is Dae Bak on 4th - I'm no connoisseur , but enjoyed the bbq there. Some folks love Pair, others not so much. I seem to recall there's a lot of game on the menu. This is what comes to mind so far.

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            Thanks for the advice. I've been on a lot of campuses so I'm not surprised. Interestingly, there is another post that pops up on UBC which suggests that Green College is a Chowhound find so we will certainly try it.

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              Plenty of great places there!! If you want some real good places to check out with a decent budget: Coco and Olive, East is East, Cadina Taverna, Ginger and Chili, Burgoo. If you can, check out Jang Mo Jib. There is a location on Robson and Denman, and there is one in Richmond as well near alexandra.

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                Burgoo is a good choice if any in your group have dietary restrictions. They provide a comprehensive binder with ingredient break-downs for all their dishes upon request

          2. I’ve waited way too long to report but was stacked with work upon my return. I love your beautiful city but our chowing could have been better (our fault). Overall comments: compared with Boston, prices seem high. You have a wealth of good inexpensive Japanese that was a treat. Fresh Sockeye was amazing but our best experience was grilling it ourselves. Here are a few specifics

            Rangoli: This was fresh and tasty but not the amazing experience I was hoping for. Expectation is the worst pickle. Reasonably priced and fresh Indian in an upscale part of town. We also went to a buffet place in Punjabi market area which was inexpensive but nothing special.

            Dae Bak (4th Ave) was quite good and hit the spot for a homesick Korean with us. Bibimbap and Soondobu were delicious and they bhad good panchan

            Lin’s Dumplings (Broadway) were fabulous, among the better xlb that I’ve had and I enjoyed watching the ladies make them in the open kitchen in the back.

            Chowfind of the trip was Ikura on South Granville near the airport. Fresh and generous salmon and tuna sashimi at bargain prices (we went twice). I wish I had something like this in our neighborhood.

            We ate several meals at Green College dining hall as it was included in our accommodation ($20 for breakfast and dinner). The price was right and it was better than college fare but certainly not a destination.

            In Ucluelet we had a couple of excellent fish and chips at a truck stand called Jiggers and Dockside Café and it reminded me how good fish and chips can be.

            Thanks all for your help.