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Jun 17, 2010 04:42 AM

Do NOT read this list if you are craving Louisiana - Style Sandwiches and Breads....

Otherwise, you'll be starving for some and blame it on me!

When I saw these recipes -- from John Folse's show "Stirrin' it Up" on WAFB (Baton Rouge, La.), I nearly jumped out of bed!

For example, you might want (because I did) these dishes, and...right now!:

Crawfish Boulettes Po'Boy with Etouffee Sauce
Mama's Turkey Fricassee with Thyme Biscuits
Triple Deckers Fish BLT
Captain John's Cathead Biscuits
Sweet and Airy Corn Bread
Hush Puppies
Lemon-Garlic Shrimp Bruschetta
Chef Folse's Spicy Catfish Po'boy with Cajun Coleslaw
Creole Country Cornmeal Pecan Waffles
Chef John Folse's Tailgater's Cochon De Lait Poboys
The Peacemaker: Ultimate Oyster Po'boy by Chef John Folse
Chef John Folse's Shoepeg Cornbread Dressing
Chef Folse's Autumn Surprise Cornbread Muffins
Chef John Folse's Muffaletta
Chef John Folse's "I Know What It Means To Miss New Orleans" BBQ Shrimp PoBoys
Chef John Folse's Pimento Cheese Burgers
Chef John Folse's Cream Biscuits
Captain John's Cathead Biscuits
Chef John Folse's Louisiana Crab and Twin Cheese Panini
Chef John Folse's Nice and Spicy Catfish Po-Boy
Chef John Folse's Balsamic Pork Paninis w/ Spicy Carnival Slaw
Chef John Folse's Tailgaters Creole Boulette Po-Boy
Chef John Folse's Slow Cooker Barbecue Pork Quesadillas
Chef John Folse's 4th of July Muffuletta Panini

See, I told you so! For breakfast I'll have the Cornbread Pecan Waffles, then maybe a Po-Boy for mid-morning snack. ;-). (Is there any room left for andouille with remoulade on a baguette, later on?).

Here's the link to all the "Stirrin' It Up" recipes:
Here are some other links on this page you might find fun to follow-up on -- like the ITunes "Stirrin' It Up."

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  1. Well..... when will all of these be on your table and will you please send directions???!!!! LOVE John Folse! Used to watch him every Sat. a.m. on PBS ..... too many years ago.

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    1. re: CocoaNut

      cocoanut, did you happen to catch folse on pbs's "create" channel for mardis gras marathon last year? ). he's great to watch, and i love his own website of recipes, too.

      1. re: alkapal

        Is "Create" it's own "channel" or a sub-set of an area's PBS channel, as I've never seen "Create"? Unfortunately, I missed seeing the marathon, but I'll bet it was a great one. I enjoy Folse's recipes/food more than other Louisiana "celeb" chefs because his food is more "homey", with less glitz, "bam" and flair. JMO. alkapal, thanks for posting the link to the recipes. I love the link to the one that is categorized.

    2. Pimento cheese on a burger sounds mighty good. Believe I'll have to try it.

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      1. re: Perilagu Khan

        i *know*! that was intriguing! pretty -- and pretty good, too.

        1. re: sonia darrow

          Po-boys are so much about the bread and a few months ago, I found a very small market north of Dallas (Lewisville) that brings in Gambino bread. It's frozen, but a quick re-heat in the oven brings back the crust. Not fresh, but for 500 miles away, the next best thing.

          (This little market also carries a small selection of Camellia beans - THAT! I'm really excited about! and one of the high-end groceries is stocking Zapps potato chips - even the limited edition ones - love the Spicy Creole Tomato w/Tabasco!)

          1. re: sonia darrow

            I've got a recipe for a hot sausage po' boy that I have not yet tried. And believe me, I'm aching to!

          2. Thanks for the link, Alkapal. I love his 'all-time favorite sandwich'.

            I haven't had a po'boy in years.