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Jun 17, 2010 04:27 AM

Frosting for Ice Cream Cake

I want to make my husband an ice cream cake for Father's Day. I am not sure what type of frosting usually goes on an ice cream cake. I would love your suggestions and advice.

By the way, this is my first ice cream cake. I was thinking about layering white cake, red velvet, and strawberry ice cream.


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  1. This thread on ice cream cakes has a lot of good suggestions:

    I used plain sweetened whipped cream spread on right before serving and it turned out great - tasted good after being frozen too.

    1. I second the whipped cream frosting; it's perfect for an ice cream cake. I frost mine after I allow my ice cream to freeze; spread it on then freeze until ready to cut. That way it will be frozen like the cake

      1. This combo sounds like a knock-out -- you've got one lucky dad!

        I found a frosting recipe recently that I used on a regular cake, but I just know it would be awesome on a frozen cake, too. See if you can manage to frost your cake without inhaling this stuff first!

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          That recipe's amazing! It's kinda like a hybrid between "Boiled Icing" (I use the recipe from Joy of Cooking) and a buttercream. Very light.

          Problem with boiled icing is if you let it cool too much it'll lose it's sheen. I would, however, use plain old boiled icing on this ice cream cake, and pop it right back into the freezer for a moment.

          1. re: operagirl

            THANK YOU!! Made this to top my son's rainbow sherbet ice cream birthday cake, and...YUM!!

            1. re: mvbobs

              Glad you enjoyed it! That recipe is a real winner.

          2. Hi, first there is a simplere way for the cake, just put some ice cream sandwiches on top of each other, for the frosting you want to use something light. Almost like wipped cream, this will make sure that the cake is not over welming with sweetness.