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Jun 17, 2010 04:02 AM

Gastropubs and kids after 18:00

We are going to be in London in a few weeks with my 17 and 13 year old children. I have reservations at a place called Princess Victoria that was recommended in Zagat.

While searching some restaurant review sites, I came across a listing for the Princess Victoria that stated that children are welcome until 18:00.

Being that our reservation is for 20:00, I am concerned about what they mean by "children". Do you think they mean young children who might be disruptive to other diners, or is that due to a pub atmosphere and they don't want children under the legal drinking age?

I have contacted the restaurant but have not heard back and am curious of others opinions on the topic.


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  1. You will be fine - my understanding is that it would be more young kids running around they are concerned about. They may be a little more strict about the 13 year old going in to the bar area, but if you are eating it is not a problem.

    1. I would continue to try and check with the pub. Why not telephone them?

      I don't know the place but would take the view that if they have a separate dining area, then it is unlikely to be a problem (that said, I don't regard such a place as a gastropub - it's restaurant in a pub). On the other hand, if it's a place that simplky has several tables set for eating within the main pub area, they may indeed be concerned about young people under age. The issue will be about the 13 year old who would normally be underage to be present in licenced premises. Whilst the usual legal drinking age is 18, the 17 year old will be able enjoy alcohol with their meal so long as the pub landlord agrees.

      1. I would think that a 17 and 13 year old would be considered 'young adults,' rather than children. To play safe, I think I'd try and call to make sure.

        1. Thanks for your responses. I'll let you know what I find out.