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Jun 17, 2010 02:07 AM

Hummus - How or what do you serve or eat with it?

I have only eat'n hummus a few times in my life that I know of. I have only seen it eat'n with chips as a dip, or a spread for a bread, or as a base ingredient in a soup that bread is dipped into. How many ways are there to eat it? What do others use it for? Fishing for some ideas as I am currently experimenting with it because it uses so many of my favorite ingredients and flavors.

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  1. I generally serve it on a platter with triangles of pita bread and raw veggies. It makes a nice lite lunch.

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      Everything from crackers, Melba Toast to grilled chicken and pretzels...

    2. We serve with Stacey's Pita chips.

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      1. I usually go for the standard dip or sandwich spread approach. Sometimes I will use hummus on a salad instead of dressing.

        1. I always get some on my sandwich when I go to a schwarma joint, so I'd say that in general it goes well with grilled meats if you can come up with another way to do it.

          Edit: silly me, I just remembered another preparation I've had in that manner- line a bowl with hummous, maybe 1/2" thick, and place your grilled meat in the center (in my case I've had it done with a Jerusalem Mixed Grill, chicken livers heavily spiced with baharat and cooked with onions and mushrooms).

          1. I generally eat it as a spread in a veggie or falafel sandwich, or as a dip with veggies or pita chips. i recently discovered falafel chips and I am definitely going to give that a try with some hummus!