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Fantastic yogurt!!!

I am in love with this yogurt and keep buying the market out of it every time I go. Maple Hill Creamery....what makes it so special is that it is produced from 100% grass fed cows. I am very big into grass farming and grass-fed anything and this yogurt is not only extra healthy and organic, but also delicious. I love the vanilla and blueberry. My husband loves the maple. I am so happy to see a local product like this available!

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  1. I've had it and its very good. I also love Side Hill Farms grass-fed whole milk yogurt, available in areas bordering western MA.

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    1. Where can this be found?

      1. So, you're talking about a place that's somewhere in New York State?

        1. There's one available in the Syracuse area called Wake Robin from Wake Robin Farms in Jordan. It's a thicker, cream on the top yogurt, from grass fed cows. Really good and comes only in plain, vanilla, and maple.


          1. I get Maple Hill Creamery yogurt delivered every Monday (along with fresh milk from another dairy farm and organic grass-fed beef). The company delivers throughout Westchester.


            The yogurt really is quite addictive. The websitte lists stores all over where you can get it, include Table in Bedford Hills and Raw Life food coop in Ossining:


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              Thanks--do you know where Raw Life in Ossining is, I was unable to find anything on google?

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                I just found the site--have never been myself:


                It looks like a member-only place, as opposed to Table market.

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                  Thanks! A little too complicated for me to get good yogurt though...

            2. About the best yogurt I've ever tasted was from the White Cow Dairy in Western NY: http://www.whitecowdairy.com . First tried it at the Bidwell Farmer's Market in Buffalo, but according to their website it is more widely available now, even at Murray's Cheese in NYC.

              1. Brown Cow Farm yogurt has cream on top and can be found in the organic section of most supermarkets.

                It is wonderful.

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                  The non-fat Brown Cow obviously doesn't have cream but is very good. I generally prefer Greek yogurt - and still do - but I was impressed by Brown Cow non-fat - very fresh and creamy. Fairway has it.

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                    Whole Foods and Mrs. Green's also has Brown Cow yogurt. WF, surprisingly, has the lowest prices for it of any of the places in the county.

                    (can you tell it's my favorite brand of yogurt?)