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Jun 16, 2010 09:24 PM

Best Empanada's- NYC- especially Queens!!

Hi folks!

Looking for a great empanada place in the city, thinking Queens is the best bet. Have had Ruben's, not sure if Havanna Central on 23rd is still open, but am willing to look beyond Manhattan. Am leaning towards Argentinian, as the great Empanada Place in LA has burned a hole in my "best" food memory ( to give you an idea!

Tips and suggestions are greatly welcome.


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  1. I like Seba Seba. The easiest one to reach from Manhattan is their location at 37th Avenue and 79th Street. The E and F will take you quickly to Roosevelt Avenue-Jackson Heights. The R, V and 7 also stop there but they do local stops. 37th Av is one avenue north of Roosevelt Avenue. And 5 blocks to 79th St. About a 10 minute walk, but it may take you longer as you will be walking on 74th St Little India to 37th Av and will want to take in the sights and maybe sample something..

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        FYI, Seba Seba is a bakery chain with several stores around Queens, with a couple in Sunnyside, a few in Jackson Heights, Elmhurst and in Corona. Take your pick. They're Colombian, so expect fried empanadas. For Argentinian, you can find them at any of the steakhouses around Jackson Heights, Corona, and Elmhurst. My favorites were from La Esquina, the Argentine pizza shop, but they've been closed for a while (not sure if they're renovating or just closed). Also try the Argentine bakeries like Buenos Aires or Rio de la Plata, or the Argentine pizza shop at 90th St/Roosevelt (forgot what it was called). The bakery formerly known as La Uruguaya in Woodside still makes a similar style of empanadas as far as I know. Then there are Chilean empanadas, or Filipino empanadas....

      2. I really really like the dessert empanadas from Mama's: the fig, arequipe and cheese one is crazy.