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Jun 16, 2010 08:45 PM

Best Place to see Laker game in Alhambra & environs?

Any suggestions appreciated, bar, restaurant, etc.

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  1. Appelbees, Tony Roma's or Fronteras Grill might work (both on Main St.).

    A bit north, you might try Carmine's on Fair Oaks.

    Main St Cafe
    450 Main St, El Segundo, CA 90245

    1. You might check with 38 Degrees to see if they will be showing the game complete with sound. The food can be hit-or-miss but they have an excellent selection of craft beers.

      1. Alondra Hot Wings
        515 West Main Street
        Alhambra, CA 91801-3309
        (626) 576-7119

        101 West Main Street (next door to Starbucks around the corner...not actually on Main St
        (626) 293-5520
        Shaka's has a full bar.

        1. You might also try Charlie's Trio, the bar section in the one at Alhambra Road and Huntington Dr. Not a lot of visibility to the TV from the main dining area. IIRC, the restaurant on Main Street has a more wide open seating section and more visible TV. Otherwise. Alondra Hot Wings has lots of viewing screens.

          Charlie's Trio
          5769 Huntington Dr N, Los Angeles, CA 90032

          1. "The Boat" - Clearman's Galley, just east of Alhambra, Huntington Dr. And Rosemead Bl.

            Clearman's Restaurants
            540 N Azusa Ave, Covina, CA 91722

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              I saw the game at Northwood's Inn on Sunday night.
              All the peanuts you can eat and throw on the floor.