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Jun 16, 2010 08:44 PM

Thing to do with black beans?

So tonight I made a blacked chicken and placed it atop some black beans I spiced up with salt, pepper, cumin, smoked paprika, dijon mustard and a dash (ok a big dash) of sriracha It was good, nice heat, but still tasted the beans. Went well with the blacked chicken, but kept thinking of other things I can do with black beans. I love them, but ironically don't love blacked bean soup. Any thoughts. Nothing too crazy, just a nice side!

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  1. black beans, fresh white corn (don't cook it, just scrape it off the cob), red peppers diced, chopped cilantro, chopped scallions, lime juice, salt, pepper . . . you can add diced mango to this too....

    roast garlic until soft, mix with mashed black beans, serve over slices of toasted baguette, sprinkling of minced crispy bacon over the top...

    black beans mixed with white rice, fried plantains, crema drizzle, served over a slightly charred corn tortilla, maybe a fried egg on top, green habanero hot sauce . . . ok, just made myself hungry! (and i guess this isn't a side, it's a really filling meal!)

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      I've made something similar to one and two and of course had them with rice, but the friend plantains deal sounds great. I have in the past had leftovers and heated them up and eaten them with a fried egg. Great contrast of textures and tastes.

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        almost ANYTHING is better with a fried egg on top!

    2. Here's my recipe for black bean burgers. I baked them, but I do think they'd be much tastier fried in some olive oil instead!

      1. I often make refried beans out of black beans rather than pinto. Also the corn and black bean cold salad that is already mentioned, I like to make it a bit spicy though.

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          oh yeah! i'd add diced fresh jalapenos or some of the habanero hot sauce mentioned above to the black bean/corn salad too.

        2. I make a black bean "cake" similar to operagirl's burger but I start by sauteing onion, garlic, fresh celery leaves & red bell pepper then drain; add to a bowl and set aside. I then take black beans and mash half of them, add to the bowl with some whole beans. Season with chopped cilantro, cumin, vegetable sea salt, oregano & pepper. If you like heat, add some chopped chiles. Sprinkle with a few panko crumbs just to tighten the mixture then form them into thick cakes like crabcakes and refrigerate at least one hour.

          Heat a little oil in a skillet; coat the cakes in more panko and brown in the skillet. I like to make a roasted poblano & tomatillo sauce to serve over these. With a crumble of queso fresco, these are delicious.

          1. Has anyone made black bean brownies? I've seen a bunch of recipes floating around on the internet and was curious to how they actually tasted.

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              See Sal Vanilla's post, and the ones preceding it, in this link:

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                Ok, so I just made them and they are only OK. Not too "beany" but next time I'll probably up the cocoa powder and add some baking soda to make them less fudgy, as some people suggested in the comments of the recipe. But hey, they're healthy-ish, so I didn't feel bad eating half the pan.