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Jun 16, 2010 08:16 PM

Tijuana Tacos in Quakertown

This is the little whole in the wall restaurant that has replaced "Tacos La Mexicana" that was also one of our favorites.

We've been regulars at this place, and I have to say, the food is normally pretty good. They are catering to a local latino population, but the menu is mostly bilingual. They have pictures of off menu items up as well.

We were so grossly disappointed with the restaurant yesterday however. We eat there about 2-5 times monthly. It's cheap, they have great tongue tacos, and my husband likes the mole. My spanish is not stellar but I've never had an issue ordering.

Last night my husband picked up a take out order, not uncommon for us. They recognized him, and he gave the order. When he got home, it was totally wrong. I had ordered a couple cueritos tacos, and a tongue taco, and I got roasted pork and skirt steak. My husbands order was incorrect as well, but missing ingredients. My guac was brown.

The language barrier over the phone wasn't easy, so Dh stopped by on his way home from work today to let them know we had received a wrong order with a couple mistakes. I honestly couldn't tell you what we were expecting...a replacement? An apology? A free soda? Something...we're there all the time.

Basically, the staff was really rude to my husband, didn't apologize, and told my husband his waitress didn't speak english and that was our problem. I was a little shocked.

I'm not the type of person to order something in a foreign country and complain because it's not right, or blame someone when there is a language happens. it was however, the same thing I order several times a month, always.

As nice as it was to have a local authentic place...I honestly don't think we're returning to a restaurant that values us so little as customers.

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  1. What a shame. Maybe it's worth trying to find the owner & bend his ear a little. I really hope it was staff pulling this crap and not the owner. It's a good way of going out of business quickly.

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    1. re: JohnnyKBar

      We're actually pretty sure the owner was the one who came out. He spoke to the two women, and they looked at each other, and spoke to each other, basically said well that happens.

      And than the owner or the chef who is normally working came out and said that it was a miscommunication on our part, and not their fault. It's a chain, so possibly it was just a chef. I doubt I'll take it further though.

      1. re: sommrluv

        With that in mind, I guess this place is a write-off. I really liked Tacos La Mexicana, so it's doubly sad they're not there anymore. Thanks for the head's up.

    2. Thanks for the info sommrluv. When I saw the title of your post I was thinking of checking it out instead of going to Captain Bob's like I usually do. But I see crab cakes in my future! It is hard to believe in this economy that places figure they can afford to lose customers! This is one of my favorite things about the internet, and chowhound. Businesses can't just get away with such over the top behavior without it costing them.

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      1. re: givemecarbs

        That's too bad, but we'll keep going there. It's local, it's good, and it's cheap. I don't know what was going on in that situation, but they've always treated us well.

        1. re: rutabaga

          I'm absolutely not trying to force people to stop visiting the restaurant. I just wanted to post my experience, as a "regular" customer who (obviously) enjoys the food, that I was so surprised how easy it was to discount my business.

          The past owner in the same space...they had an all latino staff, and never made me feel...not welcome? The owner once saw something another cook served to us (fried squid) and replace it because he thought it was too well done. We didn't say a word, he walked by, and fixed it. He was happy to come chat with us anytime we were in there.

          I'm not saying I won't miss it...or that I might not change my mind...but I'm not the type of person who can go in knowing I'm craving Cueritos and get something else and not say a word, or worse...have them mess up a catering order and not be willing to fix it.

        2. re: givemecarbs

          I like Captain Bobs! LOL. I never thought to visit there for the longest time, but they have really good oysters, and I think the best french fries in the area.

          1. re: sommrluv

            It took me forever to try Capt. Bob's even after hearing lots of good things about the place. Next time I'm going to get something from the fresh seafood market connected to the restaurant. The kitchen is fast and efficient and keeps things rolling. You place your order, you pay, then you wait at the table of your choice for your number to be called. Nice and simple. Last time I went people were chowing down on the steamed clams.

            1. re: givemecarbs

              Not sure if it's local to you, but have you tried the place in Dublin? Bucks County Seafood? They have a website, and a really extensive menu. We went there to have dinner once, but didn't realize that it wasn't a restaurant. (thought it was similar to Capt. Bobs). They sell a lot of to go things. They also closed at 8, or they used to. We didn't know and walked in at 8:05 and they were happy to let us in, and didn't even mention they were closing. We didn't pick up anything because we were looking to have dinner, though.

        3. Just wanted to update...I caved the other day and we ordered dinner to go. We just made sure to open everything up and check it. Everything was correct and wonderful as usual. Guess I couldn't stay away too long!

          I probably won't leave before checking my order again, but I guess that's worth it. ;)