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Jun 16, 2010 06:44 PM

Sam's at Louis

Has anyone been to Sam's - the restaurant at Louis' new location at Fan Pier? I think it just opened.

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  1. We took a peek at it tonight, though we didn't actually eat there. Funky, artsy spot above Louis Boston, beautiful views of the water, not a whole lot of room inside. They have an outdoor deck/patio, but I didn't get to check that out.

      1. Went there last night and enjoyed the beautiful view and some cocktails. The menu is uninspired, but offers Island Creeks for $1.50 ea., that and a bowl of moules frites made for a delightful Sunday evening. Service was friendly and relaxed, received a lovely greeting from Esti herself who was lending pashminas to chilly clients which I thought was a nice touch.