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Jun 16, 2010 06:36 PM

Vietnam Cafe in West Philly?

Has anyone been? Is it good?
It looked like there was also a small pho restaurant nearby on 42 and Spruce. Is that any good?


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  1. If you loved Vietnam in Chinatown, you'll love this resto and free, easy parking!

    1. I didn't care for it but I don't like VIetnam in Chinatown much either... definitely do not order the Pho at Vietnam Cafe; when I had it, it was awful. The other dishes are ok. I haven't been to the other place you mention but never heard it compared favorably to the spots in South Philly.

      I think a good rule of thumb is to not trust Pho from a restaurant without tripe on the menu (Vietnam/Vietnam Cafe).

      1. I actually prefer Vietnam Cafe to Vietnam. Much more comfortable - better table spacing.

        Pho isn't their strongpoint - love their appetizers. Definitely go for the appetizers.

        Cafe Saigon on 43rd and Spruce has pho about twice in size that which you'd get at V.C.. However, I haven't found anything else to my liking from there.

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          i agree - i like vietnam cafe better than vietnam. enough so that i pass vietnam and trek all the way across town to get to it! my staple there are the pan fried noodles... they are so tasty. haven't tried the pho. if i don't get pan fried noodles then it's usually a vermicelli bowl. and the appetizers are definitely fantastic!

          1. The pho restaurant at 43rd and spruce is pretty good. Not the best, but if you live in the area its a nice neighborhood place.
            Its a lot of soup so I always get extra noodles for &.5-1 and take the rest home

            My friend swears by their milkshakes- I haven't tried one though